Welcome to Wunna Land

I can’t believe i wrote that blog last night! (lol) But ah..well shit happens, as does white wine. Welcome to my mind. So as i hang my head in shame, and grab my fake fur to go shopping, i’ll tell you that you can actually go get a boob job, at a place called ‘ BAAPS.’ BAAPS!! I wish i’d gone there now just for random comedic value. Love it. Oh and according to Cosmopolitan there’s a male vibrator that every girl should get for her gentleman called ‘The Monkey Spanker!’ I’ should probably get one, as it would make my life a lot less tiring. It kinda looks like a cheap, plastic ice-cream scoop. Clever!! But not my favourite flavour. Not really too madly impressed. I mean, it’s can’t good as the strawberry lube i once bought in WEHO with Hilary Duffs face on. All it did was stain my face…hahah! Sleaze on a Sunday. Go to church you monkeys! (FYI/ My boobs look ‘wumbo jumbo’ today. They are purring!!) And yes i am just randomly ranting about superficial blubber, to hide my ‘too open blog last night’ emabarassment.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Wunna Land”

  1. you look mustard as always chrissie . vibraters do have funny names dont they rampant rabbit monkey slapper. we just have our hands lol


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