Weekends, Quiz Night, Bondage & Boys


‘Why do you have a bondage outfit?’

‘Cos my bedrooms funner than yours?’

‘I thought you didn’t even like bondage?’

‘Oh, I don’t. I’m not into sex and pain, but I can still rock crotchless, leather and studs…without being  clonked on the head by an iron bar, or shuffitied with a nailed ball gag.’

‘Wunna…why do you have rubber stockings?’

‘Oh…that was just a request. Told you, my bedroom’s funner than yours.’

‘It’s Thursday. You haven’t even had sex in a million years. There’s cobwebs ’round your shit.’

‘God, it’s only peep hole, crotchless, rubber, leather things. You should see the rest of my wardrobe…it’s like the cast of a pervy Disney world. Whoever bones you, must be really bored.’

‘You’re a bitch.’

‘Haha…a rubber stocking’d sexy bitch.’

[Both of us belly laugh. Life goes on.]

So, today is Thursday and today is awesome because i have never ever ever had a Friday COMPLETELY OFF WORK. Tomorrow, I have FRIDAY COMPLETELY OFF WORK, meaning that I can ACTUALLY do normal life things, that i’ve had to put off a million times due to hard work. YIPPEEEE! Plus, Tuesday and Friday’s are my ‘going out’ nights, the nights where the babies are with ‘Daddy’..and well i took a long time off being social during my marriage, during preganacy and during them being very very young. However, now i am fully able to celebrate a bit more ‘free time’without feeling guilty and like I said, when you’re a mum of two and you’re doing it on your own and you’re working a full time day job, running a business and keeping up appearances, as well as a blog, a love life, an audience and everything else in between…you deserve to dedicate time to ‘fun.’ You don’t have to, but if you wish to, you derserve to.  I’m social and I don’t care what anyone says. This is how Wunna land rolls.

I always think i’m this girl who can do or achieve anything and I think that way simply because.. in my life so far, I usually have and do. I’m ambitious, so there’s still lots more to come and lost more to achieve. But i just know that my futures bright, as are my children’s…and i whole heartedly believe that that’s the key to success. *So ram that in ya **po po** and wink at it.*

So, yes, like I said, my weekend has begun and I have i’m home with the babies having a dance off..which makes me smile. The babies adore it because they believe it’s a treat, when really the first game is ‘tidy the whole house up with Mummy, if you want a dance off.’ That’s why being a parent rocks. My kids WILL clean for a bit of a ‘good time.’ If i promised them chips, they’d scorn at me because it wasn’t sushi. But If I promise them chart music, dance off…they will both grab a brush, a cloth, some spray and a hoover..and we will get our clean down ON. 🙂

So tonight is all about family and tomorrow is all about fun. (During the day I have lash line stuff and hanging out.) Then I have FUN. Infact, hopefully, i’ll see Ben tomorrow, as our work schedules our the most clashy schedules of all time. But that’s very ‘us.’  It’s how we roll, although neither of us are good at making decisions it seems. I’m awesome at life decisions and rubbish at ‘doing things with a boy’ decisions. He’s not good at telling me what to do…his politeness gets in the way. Lol. But tomorrow should be fine as I have ‘fun’ scheduled in for Friday night and Saturday day. I only have to get to the end of the month, then i’m away for a week at the forest!! Yipppeee!

I had lots to tell you but i can’t remember it now?

Oh yeah, Tuesday! I did Quiz night with my a bunch of my boys. Dodge, Tony, Ben and I decided to rock up to the Tap and Barrel to be a team and answer questions, for money…at what felt like THE LONGEST AND HARDEST QUIZ IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. Infact, Dodge and Ben came later…pissed. They’d been drinking all day and chasing each other around a park with a stick?

Me:’ Why are you sweating?’

Ben: ‘Dodge was chasing me with a stick.’


Usually when Dodge walks in he *slaps* me across the face. This time he forgot too because he was pissed and instead, tried to FORCE ME to slap his regal, skinny jeaned thigh, that he had proppd up for slapping?

Dodge: ‘Bitch, slap it. Slap it bitch.’

Me: ‘No.’

Dodge: ‘Bitch, slap it now. I won’t stop. You WILL slap it, or i’ll pour all your drink over you.’

(I didn’t slap it. He did tip part of my drink out, before Ben saved it. Lol. Later on in the night he played ‘swizz around the spinning slate plate of eggy sandwiches to see where it stops.’ Wherever it stopped was what item he was going to throw at me. He had a pen in his hand, being the pointer. HAHAHA.)

Anyway, back to the Quiz night… When I first walked in loads of people I knew where there. But then they all left and left me with Tony..

This always happens. And according to Anna, we gt left together because we’re shits and GOD is forcing us to hangout to learn very important lessons in life. HAHA. Tony didn’t at first like taking this selfie, but let me in the end, after I failed to take a hundred of ‘just me’ selfies. I took one with him and it worked and he believes it’s because I thought i needed, what he called ‘a contrast, you bitch.’ HAHA.

Okay, back to the quiz and team spirit.

The problem with our ‘team’ was the fact that we kinda just wanted to drink and bop to music and chatter…like normal…meaning the longest, hardest quiz in the entire world, really kinda got in the way of fun. Yet, i’ll probably do it again next week. Lol. I thought it’d be easy questions about Beyonce or telly…or even really general knowledge. Not stuff about ‘Andrews/Rivers/Mexicans/Countries/The World and Intellects.’ I mean there was one question about telly, but it was kinda about ‘Crossroads’ the soap. Have you ever, even 100 years ago…watched ‘Crossroads’ in your fucking life? HAHAH. WTF!

Anyway…we didn’t win…it was long, with cig breaks inbetween, btu i still LOVED hanging out.

Marking the quiz was better because the paper that we ‘marked’ won. ALL i’m going to say is, any team that wins, when their answers were ‘Jimmy Saville/Harold Shipman & Viva Cas Vegas’ mans the rest of us must have been really bad. Apparently, Jimmy Saville is some Mexican river, Harold Shipman practiced his killing at Ponty hospital (because he had to start somewhere, the SAS are based in ‘Castleford’ and Elvis sang ‘Viva Cas Vegas.’

Now, our team, ‘Wunna & Friends/Dodge & The Downies/The Random Discharges etc…’ did actually try a bit to answer the questions. We were just thick, so got them all wrong. Just bored, because we’d prefer to drink. But on the whole…loved chilling with each other more than the other teams. 🙂 Nothing makes you feel more thick than doing the ace ‘Tap and Barrel’ quiz night. Even the Quiz Master didn’t know the answers and he had them infront of him!

It was a good night though and well i drove and did lemonade because I had work in the morning, In fact we all had work in the morning.

Tony drove Dodge home and Ben and I had our usual ‘heart to heart’ in my car, which involves creepy woods, a bit of a talk, a cuddle and a make out.

I think i need to spend more quality time with Ben. We need more ‘us’ time…which still includes fun and friends…yet th more i hang out with someone…the better i get to know them and the better a connection becomes…right? But this is a slow moving process…yet it’s cool…i like it. It’s steady. I’m just not used to anything being slow, which is something can I NEED to get use to….(how many weddings down.)

Tony asked me if i had ever been to a wedding before? 🙂

I just looked at him, laughed and said, ‘ARE YOU KIDDING??’

I’ve been to MY OWN three times, let alone any others. In fact, Mike and I got married twice which makes 4 weddings. In fact, Mike jilted me at the altar in Vegas once also…which makes FIVE weddings. Lol. I don’t know if i’ll get married again…if i do, they’d have to prove to be something quite remarkable.

Ugh! Ruby’s just walked in and kicked over a giant glass of red wine on my cream carpet. Yay! Life rocks. Welcome to Wunna land.















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