Wedding diet failure


Well my wedding diet’s going well. #NOT Ugh! Now, i’m a kitten who loves her body. Fair enough after baby making, it’s a little more wibbly in all the wrong places, but for a 31 year old mama, with a wink, i think i look quite yummy. HOWEVER, saying that…in 7 weeks, i’m about to strut down the isle, all in white, to marry the man of my dreams. I have the ‘Hollywood’ installed in me, it’s bound to be, i grew up there. Therefore, there is no way in hell that i want to be a chubby asian bride, during the moment i declare my ultimate ‘forever’ love to Keiran. I’ve expressed this to him and well as much as he loves a bit of ‘Wunna love’ 😉 he’ll support me in a quest to take the *jiggle* out my *wiggle.* 🙂 (As men do.)

I was meant to be starting it today. But i can’t lose that extra bit of ‘chubb’ due to a distinct lack fo discipline. I find it boring and well can only calorie count when i’m stressed. I’m happy right now, making it all the more harder. I’m a wing it with a wine girl. I don’t workout, i’m not terrified of a Whopper burger. I might not have a ginormous portion, but i’m certainly not too picky, when it comes to a nibble. I’ve already had a massive cheesy omelette and looked at the Ryvittas that Keiran’s left me. I think i’m meant to eat a couple when hungry, but i’ve had about 42 of them and smeared them in cream cheese, because they go well with wine. UGH! But i’m cofident. Come 7 weeks i’ll look divine. I have a dress, i already fit into it. I don’t have an incentive, other than wanting to be the Queen of the ‘isle walk’ world and glide down it like the most glorious being ever.

The only exercise i’ve had, other than my walk to the store to buy cold chicken…(Glamourous) was last night when Ruby decided to become all tired and ‘DIVA’ and wrestle me in anger and feist. Rubes certainly has my temper, however during the moment when i was happily singing nursery rhymes to her and she GRABBED my black stiletto and *WHAMMED* it across my face in anger, made me think twice. There’s no disrespecting Mama…or the shoes. After that, she was sent straight to bed. Reluctant she was. Began by tantruming, then followed it with a long stream of ‘Mama…peeease….mama….peeeease…peeease..mama…mamamamamamamama…ppeeeeeeease, ma, peeease, mama peease.’ Lol (Oh ‘pease’ is ‘please’ by the way.) Then she fell asleep and left me all alone, with no eyelashes on, by toy penguins. You can’t win’em all!

But yeah, wedding diet…not going well.

On a whole other note. Life actually is! Even though Keiran and I are rather far apart right now, we’ve both had to do phone interviews to talk about our love. We’ve had to do them separately, but we might have really exciting news for you shortly, but you just never know. I’ve just spoken to him, as i’m wondering around the back garden and he’s muddy (swoon here) in the Isle of Wight. He  did really well on his part of the ‘chitter-chatter-love us,’ interview. I’m impressed, i’m happy and i cannot wait to get our future up and running. It all starts with a wedding…which started with a look and an ‘OMG you’re beautiful’ in a gym. We’ve found our ‘forever’ and well so what if i can’t make chicken. I’ll still make a great wife.

I have dieting, mummyhood, book signings, wedding planning, auditioning and filming to do. He has running his company, Daddyhood, prepping himself for a lifetime with me 🙂 and a TV presenting screen test next week, when he gets back. We have two more things in the pipeline…so lets gear up, wiggle and get ready to ring them bells baby! (I love that Keiran thought i was romantic today because i hid love notes in all his ‘away’ work clothes.) UGH, i can’t believe i’ve just stuffed my face with chicken. WEDDING FRICKING DIET MUCH. I’m not doing well at this! AND i have a wine! ffs

It’s weird because i’d say that i’ve been quite independant throughtout my entire life, even when in relationships. But now i’m rather dependant on Keiran and his love. Like i feel as though he’s added a major glee to my life. We’re a total team and bizarrely i don’t think we could actually do life as well…without each other.  He too just couldn’t imagine coming home and not seeing his glitzy kitten from the orient, peeking at him from a corner. We’re a family and amazing one! When we get married, it’ll be our first year of knowing each other and being with each other. I adore it!! Hopefully, i’ll stop being bratty. But i’m learning. 😉

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