Wear what you want Friday…

The weekend’s been amazing. It began after a sudden piece of unacceptable drama, with a need to de-stress and to simply have some fun. 

I say it all the time! Wunna Land is a ‘DRAMA free zone.’ People need to heal before they try and tinker in with force and bad vibes.

Anyway, at the request of Ruby & Junior, we went with our, 

‘..it’s Friday, wear what you want & let’s get out of here,’ solution. 

Ruby leapt our of her room in a neon coral flamingo dress, with a matching fascinator. 

Junior FLEW out of HIS wardrobe in a head to toe ‘Superman’ costume…cape n’all the trimmings. I dressed normal… Haha…and we walked down to Rogerthorpe Manor (after tea)  to play on the swings, make memories, remember the good times, have a couple drinks and nibble on snacks, as the sunset in front of us.

It was like nothing else mattered. It was beautiful. The kids cuddled some their teachers that they saw dining out. The hotel staff were exceptional. I mean our refreshments were ready & waiting for us at the bar, upon entrance. They’d already been paid on by the manager. (How kind is that!!!) 

Y’know, I appreciate the loveliness we receive as a family, so dearly. We’re all so grateful. You literally turn our bad times around and glisten our good times with utter magic. 

The amount of love and support Ru, Ju & I receive every day is literally something we treasure as a family. 

That evening as I danced in the middle of our Yorkshire fields, with the most beautiful ‘flamingo’ and my favourite ‘Superman,’ I felt strong. I felt happy and when you’re happy, you’re invincible.

Find your happy. It’ll make you powerful. 

So many people stay lost in a mist of confusion. Don’t be like them. They’re the people that can never seem to get out of their own darkness. Not matter what they touch they spread sadness…and even though they pretend it delights them, & that they’re strong, under a mask…I can see right through them. Everyone can see their pain.

If they just decided to heal and find their true happiness…(They’re only one decision away from a better time.) I’m sure they’d definitely be less toxic.

Anyway. Preach over. 

I slept well that night. We all did. The next morning ‘BOOM,’ I blinked and I was up really early. Did my face. Threw on some ‘casuals’ and I headed into Leeds, City Centre to YAFTA, for the Emmerdale Casting workshop with Ezra. (The Casting Assistant.) 

I love getting into Leeds early, as the city is still waking. There’s a peacefulness to it. A peacefulness that’s sort of swirled in excitement, ready for the bustle ahead…

9.30am…I arrived at YAFTA.

This guy walks up towards me on Kirkstall Road…

‘D’ya where there’s a loo?

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