We love The Botanist

It’s the most amazing time. I guess, when it rains it pours, but when it’s sunny, there is simply nothing that a cocktail and decent company cannot cure, right?

It’s a sunny day! It’s a bank holiday weekend and everything is glamourously delicious!

I’m exactly where I’m meant to be and right now, that place feels comfy. (Not too comfy…But comfy.)

I guess, I’m happy. But I’m also excited. That combination alone is certainly one that I reckon I should celebrate!! (Any excuse!)

But life is REALLY so short and LIVING in the moment is REALLY all that matters! The babies & I have done SO much this Summer. We’ve lived it to the very last beat. It’s still going & we’re still loving it. YET we’ve learnt not to take any moment or each other for granted this Summer.

We have made some awesome memories!!! We have an exciting rest of the year!

Anyway we all headed into Leeds a couple days ago. As I said, my kids love the city centre vibe. It’s filled with adventure! We shopped, laughed…did our do, without a care in the world!

Junior: ‘I even just LOVE walking about here with you. Everything feels so happy!

(Awwww. My baby boy. )

We love to lunch! The babies and I ADORE picking a bouji, new or exciting place to eat…Or even just a place of comfort…Leeds is a great place to lunch, simply because the city is alive, diverse and well there’s a pleasure for everyone.

We’ve lunched almost every day this Summer… and well Ruby’s venue of choice initially was Ginos. (We tinker there a lot. They treat us so well. I’m a Black Card member. The food is divine.)

However, upon our walk up, as we were passing Trinity, Ruby looked to her right, (Junior was sucking up Boba Balls.)

Ruby: ‘What’s that place Mum?’

She literally just stopped in her tracks…almost like she was mesmerised by the excitement that their giant garden gates had to offer.

Now, I love The Botanist. I’ve only ever drank there, but I’ve drank there A LOT. (Haha.) In fact, I even once went on a date there, ages ago. The service is always impeccable and it’s just a relaxing place to be. It feels really private, yet friendly. There’s a warmth to it.

I didn’t even know if they did a children’s menu? But I looked at her, smiled and said…

‘It’s the Botanist….A magical place, that’s disguised as an enchanted garden, where you eat, drink and have fun. It’s a secret though….Only a few people can see it tucked away…Like…’

At this point they were hooked and had both ran up to the gates, screaming with glee, on excitement overload, that they were going to lunch in a magical, enchanted garden! (Haha. What? I’m good like that! 😉 )

Then I ‘buzz killed’ it a bit because I wouldn’t let Junior go in with his Bubblelogy. So we had to wait outside for what felt like 102 years, as he slurped them up in sloooow motion…one at a merry time…as Ruby RUSHED him, whilst in my giant faux fur, crawling on the floor outside, and as they bickered! 🙂

We eventually peeked and sneaked in.

‘Straight downstairs babies, to the restaurant.’

They were filled with excitement. In fact I was filled with excitement. There’s just something about that place isn’t there? There’s a magical comfort, that takes you away, like your lost in woodlands, yet there’s wine hidden in the depths of it! (Haha.)

Immediately we were greeted by the loveliest guy. Didn’t catch his name? But he was lovely. He had the biggest smile and looked at the kids like an adventure was about to begin..

‘Hi! Do you have a kids menu? I’ve only drank here. Haha. I wasn’t sure?’

‘Yes. Of course. Follow me…’

(He smiled.)

He produced two little cardboard suitcases, filled with goodies for Ruby and Junior and showed us to our table, which was private and lovely. I liked it. It was away from the ‘bustle’ as it was busy. Yet still wonderful, because we could still see and hear the bustle. D’ya know what I mean?

It’s great how they can make such a busy place FEEL so private, exclusive, yet exciting! I was utterly impressed.

As the kids walked through the restaurant, passing business men on laid back lunches, dates, and girl gin gatherings, all I could see were their faces of delighted shock and wonder.

(That gets me juiced doesn’t it. I LOVE seeing them like that! I love creating those moments!!!)

Perfect table. Amazing service. Ruby and Junior sat down, opened up their suitcases, and filled with crayons, activity pieces, and their menus, which were on small ‘novelty’ pieces of card.

They were so excited. They knew exactly what they wanted. They always order themselves. They know how to ask for anything they need, or wish for.

But out of all the places they had been to…and do know, they have experienced A GREAT DEAL of lunch outings…on every level of fun, comfort or luxury. This so far has been one of they’re favourites.

When the waitress came over to the table, she had a large-ish key around her neck. It looked rustic. Kinda like the garden gates.

Junior: ‘What’s that key??’

Waitress: ‘It’s a magic key!’

Me: ‘She has to go get your food from the enchanted garden remember!!’

He was so delighted he might have gone boz eyed a little. He does that!

Both Babies ordered the Hanging Chicken & Red Pepper Kebab, with peas and chips. Then banana splits for dessert, with apple and summer berry juice. Junior actually also wanted the ‘Jelly and Sandcastle’ Ice- cream…

Junior: ‘Is it made of sand though?’

Me: ‘No baby. Haha. You’ll have to try that next time!’

Ruby’s a really complex girl. Yet Junior’s simpleness…literally delivers the most hilarious moments into Wunna Land. Ruby, my mum & I crack up over his ‘Junior-isms.’ He says the funniest things without realising.

Ruby: ‘This is THE BEST place I’ve ever eaten! The food is so good! The peas are SO good!!’

The food really healthy there, so it’s a winner for me. It certainly made being Vegan difficult, because I swear I needed that chargrilled chicken in my life!!! However, of course, it’s The Botanist. It caters to the veggies & vegans. It was absolutely delightful!

The food was so good that the babies demanded that I filmed them eat for a vlog, so everyone could see how great it was! Haha. They actually wanted to show off, I reckon. They wanted to film a ‘pea eating’ vlog…So Being Mama…their wish was granted!

Of course!

Y’know, Junior doesn’t even eat ANY veg without manipulation, bribery or force. The grilled red peppers scared his system, but even HE couldn’t get enough of the peas! Haha.

Lunches to us are always about spending family time together. As the tradition goes, ‘breaking bread’ with each other is a thing. It’s a ‘TING.’ We may do it with a little glamour. We might be a little ‘extra’ at times. I might have a 2 for 1 cocktail in my hand. But we love it because it brings us together.

We couldn’t have thanked The Botanist enough that day, for helping us make Wunna Land memories.

I remember when the waiter arrived with their food the babies just looked at him with delight and uttered ‘shock’ noises!!

Waiter: ‘Wow! I didn’t expect that reaction!’

They’re just so excited by the smallest things (even though they experience the biggest things) and i love that about than. I taught that across well. 😉

We spend the rest of the time laughing and deserting. . I ordered more wine. Then whilst Ruby and Junior were playing , a girl who was on a date, yet her date had gone to the loo, stopped and said…

‘They’re so beautiful. They’re so close. They’ve made ME want to have babies.’

Junior: ‘You’re so pretty.’

Ruby: ‘Thank you so much. Is he your Prince?’

And just like that our entire day had been made.

What beautiful memories were made…

We’re having THE BEST Summer! It’s been different this year. It’s been one of those Summers that changed our lives.

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