We don’t like Road Blocks

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Morning, my bits of sherbet dipped, sugar lips! Bizarre morning of bongo beatings, Mickey mouse caps, dancing, organic carrot, cheesy puffs and noodles for breakfast. Pretty normal for Wunna land. Yet, it even shocked the life out of my own dear self, meaning things must either be really bad or really good. Both babies are as chipper as can be today. Junior has got a new dance move, which consists of him kneeling up, clapping, and gyrating his booty…but only when you sing ‘Incy Wincy’ at him. Ruby had gyrating down by 5 months old, so as I told you, plonk on ‘Happy’ by Pharell (who has always been my all time celeb crush) and she’s galloping around gleefully in a fit of giggles, without a care in the world! It’s magical to see them both so happy. Laughter and a bit of a boogie are a universal language. You might not understand the word ‘Hello’ in an alternate language, but EVERYONE gets a bum wiggle, with a wink. If you don’t…you’ve been living under a rock…and not a disco rock at that.

We’ve just completed one whole hour of a boogie to the merry sounds of Pharrell Williams, with a follow up finale of Little Mix, ‘Move,’ and simply because Ruby loves the fact that she says the word ‘Birthday’ in it. 🙂 I quite adore that song too, simply because it makes driving around in Spring weather funner. I’m not sure why it does? It must fly with the right kind of chipper frequency for Wunna land. Apparently the songs we like, the ones that make us happy, are the ones that vibrate at our own personal frequency of ‘happy.’ Hence why we like different songs, when we’re in different moods.

(I currently have ‘Real Housewives New Jersey’ on as my ‘background.’ I love how feisty the women are on that show and I love it because they don’t have to apologize for their feist…they own it, rock it and deliver their opinion with spunk…and no-one cries about it for a million years! Even the husbands have lion hearts. They stand by their wives like ‘hero’s’ and I find that sexy!)

Oooh, talking about sexy…whilst driving yesterday, the car next to me kept ‘pippin’ at me. I was starving, so I ignored it. Plus, i’m a shit driver so I’m used to hearing horns. I’d just popped into McDonalds, or ‘Old McDonalds’ as Ruby calls it and because I was in a rush hour queue, I unpopped a big, juicy quarter pounder from it’s box and with a lick of my lips, ungracefully *chomped* into it, like it was the last bite on earth. Then I hear the ‘pippin’ again, so in my burger euphoria, probably with pickles and sauce smeared on the side of my lips, I look to the side and to my horror it was THREE HOT BOYS in a car, who were attempting to ‘woo’ me via rush hour traffic queues. I had a quarter pounder WEDGED INTO MY MOUTH. Luckily, they only looked like they were 19, so for me it was a ‘pass.’ (I don’t know what it is, but why are all the boys 19 years old these days? When I was out 2 weeks ago, the boys hitting on me were 19??? When that happens, you know you are in the wrong environment. A club is no place for me. I’m  simply made for a wine bar and grown ups. Plus, if you’re an oldie and you find 19 year old boys are hitting on you, don’t mistake it for the fact that it’s because you’re divine…even though I am quite easy on the old peepers ;)..it’s simply because 19 year old boys are foolish and all see is big eyes, big boobs and a tan and their heart melts with a flutter and their willes stand on end. Yeah, they’ll love you forever…but can you be arsed with 19 year old drama and can you be arsed with the boy not being able to take care of you. Be flattered and then see them on there way…whilst trying not to give them a nappy change…if you’re a mum. 🙂 Who am I kidding…I’m DIVINE!)

Okay, so yesterday, I got a bad news phone call. Not end of the world kinda ‘bad news,’ but kinda sucky to say that i’m on a deadline. The thing that narked me off was the delivery of the bad news. If you’re going to be delivering such news, try to do it politely and not like you’re a gruffy troll that lives under a bridge. It was delivered in the most unprofessional manner, that went against everything that I had previously organised with them, that it pissed me off. I don’t like bad manners. I only have bad manners when it’s bazuka’ed at me first. Like I always say, I’m feisty, but i never throw the ‘first punch.’ I’ll finish it with the second though. If i am ever arguing or giving it some ‘ooh laa,’it is always because someone else has made the executive decision to say something stupid at me. I let a lot of ‘stupidity’ fly..because when you’re older you learn to pick your fights and label them with ‘worth it’ or ‘blah.’ I only fight out of passion or injustice. It’s never pointless or because i’m a wanker. 🙂 Often people think that they can take a jab at me and i’ll be too ‘little girl’ frightened to stick up for myself…WRONG ANSWER. I’m not all talk. I never get why people sometimes think i am?

But yes, when receiving not so great news, the important thing is to not let it get you down. Winners find solutions, or something? 🙂 Don’t reach for that gin bottle. Don’t surrender to ‘party mode.’ Don’t get on that horse and gallop off to finer pastures. Stay focused, sort it out and find a solution. But most of all DO NOT GIVE UP! People waste so much time pity partying or pondering the idea of giving up. Hit a road block…go around it, not through it.

So, i have another day off, so i’m beauty lining it and again sorting out new home stuff.

Ruby is with me today and well…life is delicious. Live it, love it and put back the pieces of that jigsaw to make this life work for you. It’s easier that way. Fighting the feeling is boring.







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