We all love pork scratchings

Up and ready as early as can be for my loong day of shopping!! Woohoo! I feel flirty, sexy, warm and like my jumper needs to be two sizes bigger…gurrrrl!

Not only that but i’ve made the executive decision that i’m going to have a day of marvel. I have a smile from ear to ear and a giggly *hair-toss* that could break the Devil’s heart. (I’m quite happy for waking up at 7am. I haven’t had my pills yet! 🙂 )

Just quickly and because i’ve getting told to rush on by a lady by an ironing board, who seems to be rummaging through my purse. (It’s animal print! I’d have a rummage tooo! It’s almost as if she’s rummaging for coins in the arse of a cow.) Anyway…yeah…opened my eyes this morning, kitty catted up, found something on my foot, picked it up and saw that it was a T-shirt reading ‘Diamonds are a girls best friend.’ Now, i don’t know who owns this bright white and baby pinked,diamante piece of glory, but it’s now MINE! I feel like a treasure finding pirate of Glamour puss. I LOVE MY LIFE!

That moment of materialism, has made by morning. Then to top it all off, i found a bag of pork scratching! Could things GET any better!!! LOVING TODAY!

Helllooo Doncaster, here i commage!!

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