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Well we finally got our first set of wardrobes. The wardrobes were supposed to make an appearance probably around 3 weeks ago. They were paid in full and nowhere to be found. (What a surprise!) I even had a baby in between their arrival. I got so angered by the incompetent of pretty much every delivery service that I seem to use that I did what any little ‘Diva’ who wanted to enjoy her new family would do and who couldn’t be bothered with the mundane tasks that life has to offer and I set my MOTHER on them. Now, if you know my mum, she is the nicest, most caring woman you could ever meet in your entire lifetime. She’s my idol and the one person in life that I strive to one day impress. However, SHE IS FEISTY and if I ever inherited my ‘fricka-friiicka-feist’ from ANYONE, it was her. All the women in my family are ‘wham bammers.’ You just don’t mess with us. Including Ruby. The boys are more gentle..and I guess they need to be in order to balance out the ninja femmes.

I set my mum on them and ‘oh look’ my wardrobes came the next day. 🙂

Now, i was ever so pleased that they finally decided to arrive…however there is nothing worse to me then having giant sized obstructions and in fact tiny sized obstructions littering the house. We had wardrobes and boxes and tools and shoes and toys and clothes and more boxes, on boxes, on boxes ALL over the place, to the point where the house was such a tip it was depressing. We had a tower of laundry, next to weights, next to nappies. #annoying

It stressed me out because I couldn’t turn or look anywhere without giant sized clutter filling up my view. It killed me. If i hate anything i hate cardboard boxes filled with..well anything…around the home. Ours have clothes, ‘Win a Mini’ marketing stands, Lords knows what else and well i wouldn’t be surprised if an entire homeless lived in one at this rate.

Anyway, I picked Ruby up from Nursery and left the stress behind me. Moving stuff around is hideous to me.

I get back and look after the children and Keiran rushes upstairs to tend to clearing all the mess up. Now, i figured he’d clear the little bits up and i’m simply have to spend the rest of my entire life weaving around a wardrobe that was abandoned at the top of the stairs…with a 2 year old and a newborn in my hands, in booty shorts and heels.

BUT HOLY SHIT NO! I am honestly married to the most AMAZING man ever. (Keiran’s just told me to have a peek at Junior. I don’t really need to have a look. I’ve looked at him all night, where he cried and stayed awake, through the whole of the evening thanks. I had to sleep sitting up…which meant I didn’t sleep at all. I have honestly had about 3 minutes sleep. Life is fun. 🙂 )

Aside from that…where was I? Oh yeah, I have the most amazing husband ever. No joke. I was SO IMPRESSED that he almost would’ve got sex if he tried. Holy moly. I went upstairs to tuck Ruby to bed and I was AMAZED at what my delicious hubby had done…and all by himself. He had lifted and moved three giant wardrobes into a room, BY HIMSELF, didn’t like where he had placed them, so re-lifted and moved them to a better part of the room. Then he had moved all the furniture from one room, into the other, moved the beds, sorted out the clothes and storage and hoovered the entire upstairs and cleared away all the toys and clutter. It was like a home makeover. It was 60 minute makeover, but without a team and just ONE MAN.

So, now i am so impressed because I have no idea how he has at all managed to do it that I have decided that I am either secretly married to Superman…or he’s just tremendous. I couldn’t believe it. How the hell did he do it? AND ALL MY HIMSELF in about an hour. I don’t get it? He’s magic!

I ran downstairs after making up bedtime stories for Ruby and with ultimate glee i told him how utterly IMPRESSED I was with him and how happy he had made me.

Y’see, this is what I like about him…the fact that he always manages to impress me and the fact that he can just DO the boy things that he needs to do, when he needs to do them.

He believes that it’s the smallest things that impress me and i guess it is, because i once remember that he uncoiled a roll of kitchen  foil that I had all fucked up quite well actually, due to me being such a domestic goddess. It had split and jaggered it’s way to disaster and you couldn’t find the end because I had made 47 split ends of foily trouble. It pissed me off and showed it to the hubs with a dolly frown upon my face, when I couldn’t make chicken on it. Within 10 minutes, he had unraveled and solved the puzzle like he was a Rubik cube champion. It didn’t have a single slit, jaggered end pr split in it and rolled out joyously like one large, flat, blanket like wave of silver aluminium. I don’t know why that impressed me so much. But it did. Haha. Probably more than him asking me to marry him because I expect boys to want me to be their wife. 🙂

Anyway, i must get off for a little bit as i’m on a job hunt and it seems that i’m doing quite dandy at it right now. There’s quite a lot of good jobs and well i need to snag one asap. A lot more sleep would’ve helped. But ah well..that’s the joys of a newborn.

Now  get me back to work…

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