Good morning my delicious wiggles of *woo* festival. I’ve been up since 5 am, so bare with me. I actually feel pretty dandy due to 42 mugs of coffee and a swagger that seems to be irrepressible. This little kitty cat tended to the ‘newborn-nightshift’ last night and funnily enough…and maybe because of a previous party-girl, dirty rotten stop-out past’ i’m quite good at it. I’ve found that I can absolutely do two and a half hours nap, a ‘Baby Junior’ feed and then another two and a half hours nap. He’s an eater and a sleeper and well I found myself wide awake at 5am, surrounded by the peace of the morning, with each family member tucked up in dream land and well what did I do? I flipping did the washing up! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME! I’m so mummified and wifed up now that in my free time I CHOOSE to do the washing up and even worse…TO SAVE TIME. #killme (I love it really. You can tell.)

Anyway, nothing more can and will be said now other than LADIES AND GENTS, tonight is THE NIGHT where I AM ON YOUR TELLY…YES BACK ON YOUR SCREENS (finally)…with 7 other lovelies, my bit of sexy HUSBAND Keiran and in the name of Ann Summers!! I feel like I haven’t been back on proper telly since having Baby Ruby…I’ve only really done little bits here and delicious bibbles there…But now i’m back and well…AGAIN.. as you know…I popped out another bambino just over a week ago. Every single time i’m on the telly, I end up falling pregnant.

SEX TOY STORIES! That’s the name of the show. That’s what you should ALL be watching at 10pm tonight, on CHANNEL 4, TONIGHT.

It’d really mean a lot to Me and the rest of the girls and ofcourse my yummy ‘hero’ Keiran if you at least had a peeky and enjoyed the show with a touch of THORUGHLY. 🙂

It was filmed over an ENTIRE YEAR and i’ve felt truly honoured to be hand picked by Jacqueline Gold (CEO of Ann Summers) herself and to be part of the team. The experience has been amazing and mainly because when i’m on the telly i’m usually acting a fool and swirling in a glittery mess of ‘ooh laa.’ This time…i’m probably acting a fool, YET i’m actually doing something PRODUCTIVE! I know, can you even believe it!!

Only 8 girls were chosen and luckily…I was one of them.

They also filmed my personal life, love life and sex life for an ENTIRE YEAR and well Keiran pretty much WAS all of that, during 2012. Lots happened and hopefully you’ll see a great deal of it. However, there are 8 girls stories to be told, so i’m sure the snippets will be small but worth it. BOTH Keiran and I are really EXCITED and well we can’t WAIT to watch ourselves on the telly tonighta. It’s his TV debut, so to speak…so i’m super excited to see him on our little box.

Great show! We were one of ‘This Mornings’ Must See TV picks. There’s nothing better on at that time anyway. So..why not join us on our journey…I haven’t seen the show, but i’m hoping it’s a funny, sexy bit of show where ‘the business’ gets taken care of. *Wiggle-wink* 

Once again…






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