Wasted talent??

I’m a bit completely bored being a Glamour model. I’ve had too many folks tell me that i’m ‘sooo much more’ ready to ‘explode’ than a girl who just claims to be a boobie model. ‘Don’t waste all the talent you have!! You have something that no-one else has but you, and although i can’t quite put my finger on it, i know it’s what will take you to the top.’ ( I do like the ‘top’…always have!!) So, it’s just dawned on me that they are exactly correct, and there’s so much i can do, so much i’m blessed with, such good stock behind me, mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially, that it’s hilariously funny that i would pursue a career of this sort. To be honest, it’s piss easy and that’s why i’m already bored. It’s got nothing to do with ‘i’m sooo much more,’ blah blah…i know i am..i just thought it would be challenging, a great deal harder  that it was and well it would be just so much fun being around a new set of beings…y’know??  And that it is!! It gave me something to do, during my England stay. I began in february of this year, and i already feel like i made it, the most i can in that area…i’ve done it, it’s snooze alert, the t-shirt has holes in it and well…i love the shedding of clothes, yet i want to do it my way..along with the 10 million other things i want to do in life. So i’m gonna!!

It’s weird, i’ve sat in many a casting room, for a glamour model gig, and listenned  to the hopefuls around me, talk about tragedy, good times, their gay friend Jayden, how their stockings are a medium now and all that good stuff, and realised that i’m nothing like them. Half the stuff, (and this is gonna sound bad, but it’s true) they dreamed of doing, i had already been, seen and conquered. I always kept quiet as it’s the only way to really listen. Made me feel like i was going in reverse. Then on top of all that, i had an army of people tell me how to be, look, what to wear, how to do my face, how to speak. I felt stripped of everything that had made me ME, made me my name.

I’m a fun loving girl and i have a lot of fun loving things to do. She put’s her right foot forward, dusts off a few pink cobwebs, and well watch out boys….the day has just dawned!!

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  1. u will be whatever u want chrissie coz u are a good looking clever funny young lady and u are on the level so good luck achieving all u desire babe and i hope u have a proepr fanny arbukle along the way take care chrissie tada scratch


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