Walls of Custard Cream

Today, i’ve been decorating, and busting my ankles, due to ‘decorating’ foot attire. I opted for flat furry boots. I now know that boots should never be furry, should never be flat, and should never be worn on during a 20 hour decorating McSession. (When i say decorating….i mean ‘got an army of other people, to paint for me!!’

My dining room is now the colour of ‘custard cream,’ and OMG, it’s the best colour in the world ever. Makes you feel excited, ‘ooh laa’ and full of energy!! Not quite sure whether that’s the correct combination of adjectives for a dining room, but honestly who cares…no-one ever eats it in anyway!!! Three cheers!! (Yes, i’m one of those!!) I’m sitting in the middle of 4 ‘custard cream’ walls right now. It actually doesn’t look anything like the colour of ‘custard creams’ at all. Whoever made that up, and took it the to the ‘i think we should name it this…’ meeting, must have run out of ideas at the last minute or been wasted?? ‘Ah, i’ll just name it after my fucking biscuit!!’

Other than that (shit my ankle kills,) i intend to rest up over the next couple days, relax, regroup and pamper, as i have very exciting ‘somethings’ coming up, and a full body of ‘va voom’ is needed. I’m sooooooo excited!! My life is wonderful, and seems to be getting better and better as i speak. I feel lucky, i’m enjoying every second, and well…i guess i couldn’t have done it without cha’!!

Thankyou xx

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  1. it dont sound a good colour babe but who am i to speak as i used ot have my room blood red walls and a gold ceiling as they are my colours as soon as i moved out me old gilr redecated the day after lol


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