Wakey wakey

I’m up, it’s friday morning, i have a sore throat, i’ve calmed down from my ‘moment’ with ‘latin lover’ and i’m currently discussing how my first word was a sentence..and we believe it ended with ‘Goddamit!!’ My brother always has a little chortle to this, yet i’m quite unsure why, as His first word, was just monging out in a corner, all boz eyed, with dribble running down his face like a spastic. (JOKE!!) Calm down!

My hairs all wet, and i’m pretty tired, which is crap as surely ‘waking up’ means you’re meant to fell ‘awake.’ I don’t know what my day entails, but it does have something to do with purchasing. I’m exhausted with shopping now, and i’m on the look out for an adventure, y’know just something exciting to happen…which luckily enough, i have coming up. (Only 15 more sleeps!) Can’t wait. God, i need a cuppa tea so badly.

 Before i trot off to begin my day, i do want to tell you that if you want people to be interested in you, my key success is to be interested in yourself. Don’t put yourself ‘out there’, or spread yourself too thinly, but do make sure you’re smoking HOT or at least have that ‘something something’ going on…then quietly go about your day, and make like your not interested in anything going on around you, yet terribly interested in yourself!! When you withdraw from the world, (yet accidently in public,) people draw towards you, and want to find out more. They want to ‘solve the mystery.’ It’s tried and tested bitches. I swear, i would look my most delicious, grab a notebook, saunter down to the Coffee bean, on 3rd and la Cienega and just sit there (in the perfect, everybody see me spot) with my small regular coffee, and write…paying ZERO attention to the world around me. I got soooooooooooooo much ass!! 3 males, all at once threw me a card, pulled up a chair, and asked me out to dinner lol..  and i know you’re all thinking it’s because i look like i’m a ‘put it anywhere’ slut, but (wait) i told my friend Ryan to try it one time….and lets just say…this shit WORKS!! (Just incase you’re in the lonely hearts club.) My balcony buddy Cletus, gave me this piece of advice, when nobody fancied me enough. Now everybody does, and believe me life is much better!! (evil chuckle!)

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  1. everyone would be interested in u anyway chrissie u are stunning and u seem to be a bubbly charecter. u will find something exiting to do today. if not if any of your pal aint grafting get down the battle cruiser and


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