Hi my pretties, i’m pretty knackered now, after a day of un-called, too early hours, and feeling too hot, all day in my giant leather coat, whilst finally recieveing my lovely blobby period! Hurrah! Rejoice! i don’t feel bloated anymore! I feel FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Just want to say VOTING is still open, and THANKYOU boob squidges to all those who voted so far. MASSIVE special thankyou ‘boob squidge, feel up winks’, to those of you who may have voted 9 times! And finally thankyou to those who will be voting AGAIN tomorrow, before the comp closes! Shit, that was a lot of gratitude, and desparate hints…love it! However if you HAVEN’T voted yet…WHAT THE (BLEEP) ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!! hahahahahahah! No really, (she panics) no waiting allowed, please please do go ahead and text ….


it will help me out a lot, and stop my ego from being shattered, and we don’t want that as it really can get quite messy. Plus, i’m in the SEMI’s, adorning slutty footie kit…..and i’m feeling unloved, instead of having unwavering faith in my fans!!! (hahahaha) God!!! I didn’t get my fake boobs for nothing!! Lets get these jubblies Daily Star, draped in footie kit OUT!!!

Just vote will you. My period can take this!!

1 thought on “VOTE NOW GODDAMIT”

  1. i voted yesterday and i will do so today chrissie but why oh why man u?

    i hope u had a good weekend babe mine was messy


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