Video Profile Part 1


Morning my Cheeky Cherubs! I’m actually feeling quite AMAZING today. Must have got out of the right side of bed. I have positive thoughts zooming through my system and had a fluster of sex dreams littering my night! I feel fabulous, loved and worshipping this thing called ‘life’ that we’re doing. I have a ‘boy’ on my mind, who i just can’t stop thinking about and frankly it’s making me giddy, keeping me happy!!

Okay, so the above video was put on Facebook last night to ‘sample’ on you guys! There’s a long series of them, by Martin Kay, (who i had an exclusive 5 hour interview with) yet only the first little snippet is out. (They actually get really good…as you see them all, because I start forgetting that i’m being filmed and begin spilling it ALL in true Chrissie Wunna style.)

I’m gonna leave you with the video on this fine Friday morn, as i have to go to a wee little meeting in a mansion in Woodlesford to approve my most recent boobie shots. I am my own worst critic….yet at the same time a drunken bimbo. Therefore i let most things pass, for the sake fo humour! Life is good. Lots of work. Just got showered, need tea and Boyband ‘Jonny’ is a HOARDER!! (I can’t handle hoarders!) I’m one of those throw everything out kinda gals, be it reciepts, old stuff, virginitie, midgets or men.

Hope you love the first ‘sample’…i’m talking my first love (‘its not bad that i think he’s sexy’) George

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  1. After all this time of still photography, it should come as no surprise that the video/motion picture camera loves you, as well. Sterling video!


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