Video Profile No.4


Here we go again my Sweet Treats. It’s early, it’s Thursday (is it Thursday? OMG not it’s not…hahaha, it’s Friday Morning. Lol)  and i thought i’d give up another piece of ‘juice’ on my life, in the form of a 5 hour interview i did, with the fabulous Martin Kay, who wanted to find out as much as he could about this ‘Chrissie Wunna’ girl and what makes her tick.

This section of the interview is more of a ‘fun’ one…yet it’s still honest and i’m a honest girl. It’s one of my strong points (hahaha,) and my curses. Martin was actually really quite wonderful to work with, as he was quite open hearted, non judgemental, knew how to pull things out of me (OOh cheeky- wink wink) and well like i always say completely on ‘Team Wunna.’ (Which might i add is the best place to be, for any dear soul.) Infact here is what he actually said about me:

‘Chrissie is something of a “human dynamo”, especially given that on the day of our shoot it was one of those rare hot days, she’d not had much sleep and was making a 4hr round trip to work (which became a 5hr shoot), on what she said should have been a day off. It was a very entertaining shoot, and I’d suggest that anyone who doesn’t get some good results from working with her has only themselves to blame!

I hope you all like it. If you don’t…i have all members of CHRISSIEWUNNA.COM at the ready to siffle through the hate mail…(and i admit in the past i might of deserved it, but not now, I’m a whole changed being and i’m on the right track and i really need ya support.) I mean we’re all fumbling through this ‘Life’ thing together…crashing into each other, holding each other up,pushing each other down. I want that to stop and everyone just start really cheerleading people on in life and really start having respect for others and their choices.

Today, i’m feeling happy, strong and loving my Mum. Stuff has happened, but it’s inpsired me to push forward and gallop through with an unbelievelabe strength. I just have this ability to pick myself up and muster through anything charmingly. Therefore for those of you tip toeing around me…you DON’T need to be. I am all good and just want everyone to be normal. (’re ‘freaky deaky’ ways, are all ‘freaky deakiying’ me out.) I’ve surprised myself. I feel Great, Positive and like i can conquer the world. Life is good right now and i hope yours is too…


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  1. When you return to the States, we’ll have to shoot the second round of interviews. I’m sure your fans will be demanding more. 🙂

  2. Chrissie Chrissie Chrissie! Another amazing video. You know what I’m like with these comments so I’m going to keep this short! Well, for the 50% of haters out there, screw them eh? You’re too damn fabulous to be affected by them. As for the last part of the video, I was wondering if I could ask you, what else are you hoping to achieve in life? ‘Cause you mentioned being worried you wouldn’t get everything done, what else is there you’re hoping to do? I wish your book could be about your life and have your blogs in there but I guess that would be a lot of work (although you are pretty damn hilarious!!) Anyway I’ve managed to write you another essay, I’m sorry! I love you tweety pie!

  3. Hey Bitches!

    Danyal- You cutey!! I LOVE you TOOOOO. I really do my little angel of spunk. I’m glad ur loving the vids..there’s definitely a few more to come…maybe i’ll do another set afterward…they get good, as i start getting WAY more personal. Hhahaha…ooooh!

    Brett-OMG yeah, when i get back to LA, i don’t think they’ll beable to contain themselves. LOL. I WILL deffo do an LA one…my life is so differnt over there right…. I love my LA fans!!! Hot bitches. x

    Mary- Hey baby!! Thankyou thankyou for the ‘love’ again. Well there’s so much i want to do…i want to do EVERYTHING, but luckily i have a great deal of work ‘stuff’ planned, but it’s all top secret (ooooh). But by ‘do everything’ i also mean like the little things in LIFE, like everyday adventures…the randomer the better, that make me piss myself, so when i die, i can say ‘Din’t i do well…hahaha’

    I love you

  4. u do speak well good and u always come across bang on the level chrissie i love talking otu on here even though i probably do yuor cannister in i admire your honesty chrissie best of luck with everythnig babe


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