Valentines Weeekend

I’ve spent my day immersed in the world of ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.’ I want to be one NOW and i want a white and pink mansion, with champagne, and diamond dripped chandeliers hanging from my every space. I want magical, wonder and ‘oooh laa.’ (I text this to my delcious friend of gay, thinking he would feel my pain. The response I got was, ‘You gave that life up bitch…for a newer, more real you. Quit complaining an have ya goddamn baby so we can get pissed.’) I LOVE IT! There’s nothing like that ‘snap‘ back to reality. I went from my world of misty Beverly Hills powder puffing, drained in wine drinking in Jimmy choos, in the sun, to looking behind me at my darling ‘handsome’ of ‘lover lover’ and our lovely home of ‘coochie coo’…and thought fuck it… I have it better than anyone. Then i got all freaked out because I swear my left eyelash extension is fucking up? One eye’s ozzing ulitmate glamour and the other, is sort of droopy….like I have a lazy eye or something. I keep needing to lift it up, in order to give it some ‘Va Voom.’ ANY time you’re having to prop your own eyelash extension is tragic. It’s like it’s drunk or something? (Hi, I’m Chrissie! I’m tee-total. It’s not as bad as i thought it would be.)

Okay, i’m just dropping you this quick note, as I know you’re all terribly busy, with your weekend arrangements, ebing the little ‘IT’ beings of delight that you are. But what are you all doing for Valentines day???

It’s that weekend were you kind of really, (if you don’t have one already) need to snag yourself a little ‘Come to mama’ in order to recieve something wonderfully romantic, in gift form, by Monday. It’s a rather panicky time. Cupid tends to fuck with everyone around this time. Do you buy that guy, the gift? Do you hope that he will remember? Does the person you adore, even adore you back and what the hell am I going to do, in order to be truely impressive, so that they love me forever?? (Loverboy’s currently talking like he’s Nigerian, and juggling pairs of socks in order to make me *giggle.* I love our love. It never gets old.)

I’m a complete romantic at heart. I mean, i do it with a humourous swagger. Yet let me tell you, the apple of my eye will NEVER have to worry, when it comes to an extremely impressive, Wunna, extravagance, that will express my love for them fully and deliciously. Especially on special occasions. I tend to treat my men, the way i wish to be treated…on such a day. On occasion it works. However most of the time…it doesn’t. They never seem to learn and i don’t ever get why. I hate selfish men.

 This will be Pete & I’s first ever Valentines Day together. I don’t ask for much. I just ask for romance. Luckily, i get it all of the time from him. (I picked well girls.) Therefore, if i’m not gracefully squeezing my daughter out of my vagina, into this darling little world, for my first champagne, in 9 months. Then we’ll be celebrating our Valentines day with each other…alone. Infact, the time that we have together now, is actually the ONLY time (for the rest of our entire lives) that we are going to have together, before we’re a family. It’s crazy! I better make the most of it. Yet I wouldn’t change anything. I have a wonderul life.

Anyway, i hope you’re all blessed on your hunt to find your truest dear love. There really is one for everyone. Even if you have to take a million detours to get there.  Don’t settle though for 2nd best. It’s more messy, than worth it…and rather straining on the old bank balance. If you’re not 100% being treated the way to believe you should be then you’re with the wrong person.

This time last year, i hadn’t even re-met Pete yet! Infact, i was in Liverpool, meeting up with the boy I had lost my virginity to, many moons ago. He randomly asked me to travel down there to meet him. I was living in London. I did, because I was lonely and really utterly thought that surely a boy that you lost your V-card to (and I even thought…now that I’m Chrissie Wunna..tragic, but true) wouldn’t just make me travel all the way to him to just use me for a bit of rumpy. OH HOW WRONG I WA!!! I mean, you can go back into my blog archive and read all about how marvellous our evening together was. Only to realize that in the morning, he made the swiftest hotel room exit..(no boy that likes you will ever do that) and there I was… Valentines weekend, in an elevator moseying down from my executive suite, in that I had paid for…in sunglasses…alone. This time last year!

A month later, i bumped into the entire love of my life…at a bar in Leeds. A boy who’s shown me nothing but love, respect, giggles and a heart that I can weirdly trust forever. We have an amazing relationship. (Even if he does juggle socks badly.) Not only that, but to mark our love, (remember where i was this exact time last year,) we’re having a baby. Our first ever child. A daughter!!! How things change in life…dramatically and faster than you ever thought. I will tell you that I’m loving every minute of it all and i’m certainly stepping into a much better chapter! It’s new, it’s exciting and a  story worth shouting about. Therefore if I say anything to you, on this rosey Valentine’s weekend it’s…drink gin and do it with a cocktail umbrella. 🙂

I’ve got to get back to writing my book. Ciao! x

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