Use Your Own Toilet!!

I’m back!! Boom!!! I’ve enjoyed a family rest. I’m someone who needs that. Yet, this morning I woke up, naked with my phone laid on my chest, contemplated a leftover wine and ‘just like that,’ got back into a routine.
I’ve kinda shot into 2019 filled with excitement and gusto. It’s been exciting already!!! Things have got ‘sizzle.’ I’m already working my kitten arse off. I’ve been at shoot, after shoot, after shoot! (Which for a 38 year old is really good!) And as a result…things are changing for the better. (You really do get OUT, what you put in. Always! I’m never someone who never works hard. I believe in giving things some ‘welly.’)

Ruby & Junior are back at school today…I love them. I miss them. (My little baby Musketeers.) However, I can finally get back to blogging, as obviously, adoring any free time with the loin fruit, always takes precedence. They’re ace! They make me giggle constantly!
They’ve actually not wanted to see their fathers too much, over their break. They’re growing up now, yet bizarrely both children turned around over Christmas and said… ‘I don’t really know why we need Dads?’ That’s strange, coming from 2 kids raised by a single mum??? I thought they’d crave a ‘white picket fence.’
And yeah, yeah..Well done Me. My Mum & I have filled their world with so much love, that they’ve never felt empty! And mainly well done THEM because no matter what life threw at them emotionally…threw at US emotionally, they took it on the chin TOGETHER & handled it positively..with grace.

BUT over Christmas it made Keiran (Juniors Dad) cry (literally.) Tears streamed down his face at the thought that Junior didn’t love him. And made Pete (Ruby’s Dad) go mental with a desperate need to try and convince Rubes to see him. So I took control & i made them BOTH visit their Daddies.

I’m someone who respects or understands the choices of others. I don’t make people do things they don’t want to do. EVER! Yet… they’re both SO lucky to have Fathers who love them & literally crave to see them. So my inner Asian kicked in and I asked them to show their Fathers some respect & love.
Ruby: ‘Well I guess, I do need to go get my Christmas presents.’
Junior: ‘No.’

But, enough of that!!! I must’ve just needed to get it out! Lol.

I’ll get to the bits you want to hear about….

I’ve been back in the modelling game. I made a decision to re-embrace my ‘sexy,’ because I spent so long secretly worrying about what people would say or I ‘back burned’ it, out of fear. I tried to win a female audience last year because I was ADVISED to do that.
I felt like a boring version of myself. I found it difficult. I realised that no-one can succeed as a HUMAN, let alone in ‘entertainment,’ UNLESS you are being authentic!! People lose themselves otherwise.
What changed my mind and powered me forward was the amount of HATE I got off women last year. It was disgusting! Even on my birthday & Christmas Day! I mean GOD, even on January 1st!!! Lol!

Cut me some SLACK!!! Haha!

This weird girl on Facebook called ‘Lindsey’ (who I don’t know personally? All I know is that she spent NYE alone with her dog. She was complete stranger to me..) Anyway. She decided to ATTEMPT to ‘troll’ me, to gain her own attention…by ATTEMPTING to hurt my ‘social media’ feelings, on Jan 1st, 2019! Lol

Did you not have better things to do!?! I mean watch a bit of telly, call ya mum, pour a wine, buy a rabbit!

The reason why I say ATTEMPT, is simply because you should all know by now, that it will 100% back fire!!

It back fired. She got ‘hated’ on & busted as a result…and there’s no glory in that! Was it worth it? No. What attention did she gain? None! It actually benefited ME because it brought MORE attention to Wunna land.
I might not have millions of followers, but what I do have are loyal followers. I appreciate that. Plus, I’m not a fantasy girl. I’m a real life person, with real life friends…and if you ‘cross the social media line of respect,’ they will JUMP down your, ‘Insta, Tweetathon, Facebook story’ throat!

Now, I’m not saying we should all hold hands and skip around to nursery rhymes…simply because I don’t wanna hold her hand. Haha. What I’m saying is, don’t come into Wunna land & try and shit on my floor, when you have a perfectly working loo at yours!

We should appreciate the differences in each other’s versions of life.

Bottom line…That powered me forward. It gave me the confidence & energy, to go get..what was mine! Instead of trying to win an audience that wasn’t there for me, I went back to nurturing the audience that I had.
That I have!!!

Phone calls were made. Emails were sent. Meetings were arranged. Agents & PR teams were consulted. It took about a day and I got straight back into the modelling game!

I’m currently fully booked! I can’t really even believe it!

I posted in the secret Lamp Lovers group, on Facebook as a test…because my good friend ‘Fox’ had told me too. In a few hours 12,500 men had ‘liked’ my photo & over 600 comments were made. ((It was just a pic of me wrapped in a towel.)

Fox: ‘Shit! You’re getting 126 likes per minute!’
Me: ‘I can’t believe it! It’s insane.’

So with that in my mind. I went for it, without fear! And yeah…I’m not in my 23yr old ‘Playboy’ shape..and I’m rusty until I get my swing back…But I don’t care because it’s ME. It’s who I am now! It’s what I look like now…and I’m loving it!
I want to be 80 look back and say..
‘Gosh! Look what I did when I was 38! My arse doesn’t look like that now! Haha!’

In a day over 11,000 more people had visited my Instagram profile.
(I find Instagram really difficult to build because I started it really late. I want to reach as many people as possible, because that’s the only way I’m gonna INSPIRE. That’s all I want to do! I Tweet quite a lot because people tend to listen.)

On Friday I started the 100th comment game on my Insta! I didn’t think anyone would play, which could’ve made me look a ‘tool.’ Yet you did and you still are! So thank you! Everyday I put a post up & my 100th comment on that post, wins a Video Message from me!

This morning was the quickest win ever. It took 40 minutes…until I had a 100th comment winner. I’m kinda in shock. But I’m ever so grateful.

I’ve found my stilettos & i’m back in the game!

I ‘Daily Sported’ it on Jan 3rd! (I know! Haha. 3 days into the year. 2 days, after my hate mail.)

I’m gonna tell you all about that in my next blog…

But if I can leave you with anything, I’d say…
‘Use you *Lindsey* moments to empower yourself and make your time on this Earth worthwhile!’

All my love, Chrissie
ps/ You can do anything!

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