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Wow! How busy am I, right now!?! I’ve been up since 7am, getting ready for my new day job and organizing my life so that i can slip the cycliner through the circle hole and not jam that good old square peg through it instead. Yippee! I’m tired…yeah, but i’m loving EVERY moment of being busy. It’s amazing how good it actually makes me feel when i’m being far too productive for my own good. I’m not use to making such great choices and being applauded for being a decent human being, rather than a leisurely floozy. It works for me. (Well both do! 😉 ) Yet, now i’m feeling all good about myself! I enjoy waking up every morning and going to work in my total ‘Business Barbie’ attire ( i sooo worked an ‘updo‘ and a faux hair flower today! Loves it!!)

I then quickly ventured home, to blog, tweet, check my cosmetic line is running smoothly, contemplate writing more of my book, (which i need to find time for,) approve pictures for posters, reply to fan mail, and reply to business emails! I’m actually working non-stop and it feels GREAT. It’s like i have two, infact 3 lives and they all seem to tango quite deliciously! I seem to no longer have time for the art of dragged out periods of ‘chillax,’…which pretty much was my life. I’m now a hard working, brain using, Glamour puss. Yeah, my *strut* has turned into a *waddle* but i’m just getting on with it, instead of moaning. I’m happy! It feels goodie!

At ‘normal’ work, not much happened except stern office talks, Malteasers, calling people ‘Russian,’ secrets, chicken wraps, coffee, boobies, and laughter. A few perfume spritz and a few moans of being cold occured, with a dash of ‘Chrissie i need you to find me strippers, filthy ones for national press exposure.’ Infact, then i was ordered to search for lesbians and or hookers, if i really couldn’t find strippers. Lol. Aren’t i ‘Chrissie Wunna,’ Kitty Queen of  ‘off the telliness,’ model extra-ordinaire, Paris Hiltons party playmate winner, blogger of life and genius winker, with boobs? I thought so? Hahah. I love that as i was mid watching people work out through a window, i was Googling agencies on demand for glamourous girls, in my local area! Not as easy as you would think! 🙂 Wakefield isn’t to generous in that department. I felt like a ‘Madame,’…but a far less bothered one. I then ate a

Anyway, you know how i said all that lovely stuff about distinctly purrfect Loverboy and I were last night. Well last night, at around 11.42pm, i ended up having to send him a text reading ‘I HATE you.’ Hahaha. Well there you have it. He wound me up last night, due to his ‘not doing as i say- grumpiness.’  This was all over the phone, by the way, we never argue whenever we’re actually with each other. I decided to get all mad because he was trying to manipulate me, by doing the ‘well i have to go since you’re being mean to me.‘ He always thinks i’ll go for the ‘oh noo nooo honey. Please don’t go!’ But i’m quite a feisty little puss in boots..and well i just *Hang Up.* 🙂

I’ve ignored him ALL day and rather successfully, even though i adore him. Well done me. It may seem childish, but believe me, it’s only like Nanny 911 putting troublesome toddlers on the ‘Naughty step.‘ When you’re a girl and one that can happily hold the ‘Woman‘ sign above her head proudly, (when you’re a teen girl, the boy still seems to have the power, even though they don’t deserve it,)  putting a ‘Handsome’ on the ‘naughty step’ in order to make him learn how to BE…becomes an invaluable everyday tool. (Oh and i don’t mean ‘naughty‘ as in crotchless panties. I had full on granny knickers on today and phone that didn’t seem to bebale to text back. ) He sent me an ‘i’m sorry for being a knob’ text. I simply agreed that he was a knob. Oh how ‘fairytale.’ (When we’re away from one another, we always bicker. It’s our way of basically saying, ‘I miss you.’)

Enough of all that!! I got done in Wakefield at 6pm, got straight home, guzzled under the warmest shower IMMEDIATELY, in order to wash away the pains of the day. Then with an apple and a mug of water in leopard print, I got straight back to work. But ‘showbizzy‘ work! [Insert business emails, plugging, work and promoting the Wunna Empire here.]

Apart from again approving pictures, i haven’t yet had time to work on the book, but i WILL get it done. I quite fancy a juicy bit of my life in Waterstones, for you all to read. I recieved an email from Ross at BBC 3 who are still interested in filming my ‘preggo journey.’ If Natalie Cassidy can do it…i can. I love ALL ‘soon to be’ mummies right now. Yet, i swears there’s something in the water! Be careful bunnies!!

I’ve also had to email someone who may want me to model for a few ‘Mummy to be’ campaigns, which i adore. I’m a whole new me and i’ve completely changed my life appropriately. Nothing is better right now, than the way i’ve seemed to have glittered things the exact to fit a new kind of Wunna. I’ve never been happier. I’m doing EVERYTHING i ever wanted and managing it all at once. (I do hate not fitting into anything though and the art of ‘trying to get up out of chairs fast.’  I’m at the ‘waddle- pause-waddle’ stage. Not hot. Just hilarious! ) Before i never thought about anything. I’d throw skin to the wind, in sequinned nipple tassles, whilst screaming ‘VICTORY’ and wearing  LUXURY, and drinking rum with others like a boozy, hot….pirate. Now simply having to go from a standing position, to a merrily walking forward, act of joy…seems to take a great deal of thought and calculation. LOL. TRAGICAL. It reminds me of when i had my boob job…but nine months longer and a whole lot fatter.

Anyway, i still have a great deal of work to get through AND an early start! I’ve got rollers in my hair and reading up about the @BeatBullying campaign! You should ALL get behind it and start pushing it forward!! (Eva Longoria & Vanessa Williams are currently tearing each others weaves out on my telly! Delicious!)

I always DO forget, but do know that you are reading this with the other merry members of the world, with wonderful taste in tragic Glamour pusses & bloggers! The blog is read on EVERY continent of this entire world and is translated into 40 different languages! Thankyou sooo much for following me on my journey of life. We all have one and i hope that documenting mine, will in some ways inspire? I read and reply to ALL of your messages personally, be you a school girl in Egypt, a business man in Japan, a mother in Africa, a party girl in Hollywood, a pervy in Paris, or a simple soul in England. You’re the reason why this all works and well everyone always asks me why, or how i got it from 8 readers a month, to an eventual few thousands..and 8? I could reply with a ‘Yes it is because i’m amazing.’ 🙂 But really it’s because we have one thing in common and that’s ‘life.’ No matter who you are or what you do…you’ll feel heartache, happiness and everything in between. No matter what age you are, or where in the world you are based!  I’m here to tell you MY story and i have no idea at all why it works? I’m just this bubbly bundle of kitten, but with this weirdly large online following?? I’m ahead of my time, i’m telling ya! All Cyberland and greatness. It seems ‘overnight’ but i’ve been doing this for years!!!

Anyway, I adore you!! (And I totally need to hire a 24hr, hair groomer.) I enjoy how my mum is trying to make me pay attention to her, instead of work, by doing karate around me. Lol. I think she wants me to talk to her and write her a letter of complaint. Before i’d be all ‘whatever’ much. However, now that i’ve realized how hidieous it must have been having to literally ‘squeeze’ me into this world, let alone actually raise me…i think she deserves a little Chrissie Wunna time! 😉 Just a little. Plus, the karate is driving me insane.

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