Updo Thursday

Morning my little dollops of love machine. On route to work. In pinstripes, with a touch of asian Barbie. Had a bit of a banter with my delicious mother, about my not quite perfect choices, then cuddled the fruit of my glitzy loins to be cared for during my work day. (I’ve just had a gent…yes one of those lovely people, glare at me and say ‘I am just looking in your top.’ Romance is alive.)

Anyway dollies, my beautiful, heart filled, coochie-coos of life! Today, is UPDO Thursday, where if you are a Glamour puss..and easy qualification to have, you must wear your hair UP…in order to make Thursday that little bit better! It’s the ‘almost’ end of the week, where you scrape up the final stresses of the week, and plonk it all on top of your head, before a dynamic giant hairspray, with clips carnivale. It kind keeps you tight and going…meaning you don’t find yourself quietly rocking in a dark corner hoping for the weekend.

Work the ‘Updo.’ Keep it Diva. Mine looks quite Gypo wedding [stroke] maybe i’m that chick from M People. It’s a glamourous victory ‘do’ of ‘upppage.’ I can only do trashy or terrifying. Yet if you can’t work a little hair pile on, then don’t bother, coz you’ll you’ll never get the boys to submit to your feminine powers…without fanny. 🙂

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