Up to my usual tricks…

Omg…just got home from another little ‘meet up’ of ‘get to know’ with the new boy, that has quite shyly swiggedy swaggered into my path. He works a great deal, and a tremendous amount of hours, yet i believed we needed to *kiss* and therefore his need to ‘want’ to see me, for one, got the better of him. Therefore before work, he drove down a few windy roads, looking far too hot for his own good… (OMG..he is *sizzle.* ) and ended up at the top of my dirt track, (that sounds rather mucky) in a blue car…(i was wearing a polo neck jumper…because they always make my boobs look ginormous. Oh please do *hush* i need him to love me for my boobies, before he realizes that i have a rubbish personality. Infact, my jumper completely matched his car! I was like an accessory that came with it. Love it!!)

I was already waiting outside, sauntering around a bush, outside nice houses, with my Ugg boots, tight jeans and farmers flat cap on, smoking half a cigarette. When i saw the car drive up…he waved, i waved and then i bimbo galloped gleefully into it…like the happiest chica in all of the land.

OMG…he was so HOT. Like delicious!! To the point where i felt like i could’ve or should’ve looked so much better. He’s one of those boys that doesn’t realise how ‘sexy, ooh laa, fitt’, he is…and i like that about him, because i’m the exact opposite. I enjoy different to me. But whenever i see him, i just wanna rip all his clothes off him, and *pounce.* However, being Chrissie Wunna, that translated into a smile, ‘Hi how are you’ and maybe a wink. We then went on a drive, because he really only had an hour before he had to get to work. I’m glad he made the effort to see me. Points scored. However, when we’re not drunk..and this was the first time i’ve actually spent with him sober…we’re a lot more shy. I’m not really a shy girl…but i can sense shyness around me and absorb it. (I do like it better when we’ve had a drink. lmao)

Anyway yeah, we went on a drive around our little surrounding villages. It humours me, because i find it so cute and innocent. I mean, i’m use to meeting a boy in a noisy club, who’s ventured to my table, all boozed up and is ever so romantically asking me if he can ‘have my digits,’ followed by a whisper in my ear, asking if i want to go to the toilet to ‘do cocaine.’ (Ewww…. much.) Hardly my Knight in shining armour. Therefore, my drive through villages was lovely and normal.

We talked, we laughed, we got to know each other better. He doesn’t really look me in the eye too much. When he does he has to look away really quickly or *blush.* I looked horrific. I was drowning in awful shimmer bronzer and i kept realizing how much i liked him, and waiting to slap myself for looking soo artificial. UGH!!! He was funny, sweet, lovely and openning up a little more. He’s obssessed with Tescos. We followed ice cream vans. He talked about red irish homemade vodka, that stains glasses and makes him forget things. We passed our old school and he talked about wanting to meet up with me again on

6 thoughts on “Up to my usual tricks…”

  1. I already dibbed bridesmaid the night you touched him up in the taxi!

    I think I shouted it at him in quite an aggressive manner.

  2. I can’t even remember. All i remember was asking him for his number mid-make out (classy) and you turning around and given me a sly smile.

    Fairytale much. I kid you not…i’m actually going to wed this man. Why not? It’s never stopped me before. 🙂


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