Under the stars

Got in at 4am, where the night had turned to day and i wasn’t even working. After having a pretty decent day of ‘ooh laa’ catching up with old Boyband Jonny, (who i found out does still need me after all) and then having a bit of an online banter..(the rather exciting sort, filled with gossip and devilish behaviour) with Harriet Hannah Clark ( I enjoy FULL proper names..) I got picked up by my boy of ‘Lover lover’ for a bit of fun, food and ‘freaky freaky’ (cleverly disguised as ‘love.’) Yay!

To begin with, and due the fact that he deep down was mildy angry at me…for apparently not caring as much as he wanted..(which ofcourse isn’t true…i’d roll around naked on burning coals, attached to a goat for this ‘handsome’ and it has nothing to do with the fact that OMG his BODY is TO DIE FOR!) Wait! Let me just butt in a second. One of the good things about being Me…is that people always and everyday send me shirtless pictures of them…and the ones that don’t are discovered by MY pervy friends and i’ll get a message telling me to prepare myself…followed by a delicious, and far too Wunnaful series of HOT, shirtless photos of men. I like it, it calms my tormented soul and fools me into believing the worlds a safer place. But yeah…we were awkward with each other..at first. But i’m charming..i can turn any man around to my way of thinking. *Wink*

Anyway…yeah…the night started off moody. (Curve ball.) Therefore we bought two bottles of red red wine (get them drunk and they will be happy..use mens own tricks, right back on them) …we shared it, we guzzled it, we had it with a side of chinese takeaway (add any racist joke in here, if u wish) and then after a little talk, and a little bit of openning up…we were completely fine again. I’m teaching him to truely beable to express himself and he did last night…infact he always does, yet now hopefully he’ll do it without fear. He loves me. I love him. That’s ALL we need to make history. Nothing else matters. People always try to complicate something so simple as ‘love.’ You don’t need to. You will find, that if you love someone your dating properly and with all your heart…they WILL love you back. Loverboy, is the most loving and the most romantic man any Glamour puss could ever meet. He’s not afraid to admit it, and not afraid to love…and that is what makes him sexy. Infact, THAT alone is why he has Chrissie Wunna on his arm. (But he has learnt bad habits…from the past. I told him that sulking is not acceptable…i really don’t like it, because i find it ‘loooong.’ However if i need to sulk to get my own way…then ofcourse it’s sexy. Why wouldn’t it be?)

We actually started having a really good laugh, afterward. We teased each other, had the music on full blast, told each other lies, truths, babies and passed the vino vino. (An important part to the evening.) We were romantic, happy, and grateful… Oh and hiding from Policemen. He thinks i’m good at reading people and that i might hate boys that cry…hence why he doesn’t. I simply explained that crying isn’t something that determines whether you’re a boy or a girl, male or female?? It’s something stirred on by an emotion…and well EVERYONE feels. I cried this morning. It was refreshing. (Don’t worry, i’m not sad, i was just flashbacking. It brings back intense emotions..which i find overwhelming. I can’t believe what i’ve been through in life. THANK GOD…i’m still ALIVE!!! )

Anyway, the funny thing about last night, other than the ‘hanky panky’ part… when we had sex in a car, under the stars. Whilst he kissed me and touched my inner thigh, i tingled…it felt like ‘magic’….therefore before you knew it, my tiny black boobie  dress was edged up. Loverboy was actually completely naked. I wound the passenger car back, and well [insert loud love making in this part.] OMG…he’s sooo good at the old bit of ‘rumpy pumpy.’ I remember looking up, and just feeling his man shoulders and looking down his body. Then i found myself sticking hand tissues to my vagina, him saying how lucky he was because a million men would want to see me with my knees by my ears, sticking hand tissues to my vagina and then i realized that i had just stood on a bag of prawn crackers. Delicious! How sexy am i!!! Love it! (We had lorries behind us.)

Unfortunately, i can’t finish my story because i have to begin grooming for work tonight. I’m at Wildcats, in Leeds, until 4am. Long hours. I hope i’ve had enough rest! But Harriet has assured me that we will be going on a bit of a girls night soon, where we will have even better jager in our jelly. Aaah the life of a Glamour puss. Be positive. Celebrate life…and just LOVE YOU! I am AMAZING! (Don’t think ur not tooo!) *Pout*

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