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Oh God, AOL SUCKS!!! You heard it from me!! UGH!!! All day now, i’ve been trying to send a set of pictures of me, to someone quite important, who is willing to aid me on my road to Stardom, but will AOL co-operate and send my fucking messages, or pictures………ofcourse not!! UGH!! It sends everything to everyone, (all kinds of shite) but will it send my set of piccies, to ‘important person’ number 1….NO!! Shit, it’s a bastard! I’ve been patient, tolerant, calm and sweet. I’ve held positive thoughts, and even put my laptop in a decent Feng Shui position, but AOL still wants to be a SLOW ass, can’t send messages, FUCKING BASTARD!! WHY?? (Swearing is bad children, don’t do it.) So i’m giving up, popping open a beer, and deciding to figure it out tomorrow. Big Brothers on, and even though it no longer holds my attention, thinking of blindly fiddling with Stuart, or Dale is somewhat delightful. Well it’s actually not that delightful, but i’m bored who cares. Why are no boys hot here, like they are in LA?? I don’t get it?? The brit boys are funnier though, just not dripping with extreme hottness!!! I miss my LA boy toys!!

AOL fucking SUCKS!!! I hate computers!!

4 thoughts on “Unable to send”

  1. Use gmail. AOL can’t handle big files. Gmail gives you a free email on google and it handles large files.

  2. hang on a miniute chrissie i aint having that englishmen are a lot hotter than the fucking sceptic mugs they might be all cut up and that but they aint got knotihng in between there ears or any charecter. good luck getting aol to send your pics babe and i hope u get back to hollywood soon and the hot fridges take care chrissie tada scratch

  3. kisses to u chrissie im sorry if i got agged out earlier i was hung ova and i had me patriotic head on have a great day chriise take care treacle tada scratch


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