Two Step Filly Folly and Jubilant Whoo Haa

Morning all!! I’m in good spirits today and joyfully leaping upon that famous ‘Cloud 9.’ I’m filled with jugs of happiness, there are rainbows paving my streets, opportunity knocking away, and well my life is ‘ i have to pinch myself to believe’ changing. I feel quite GRAND, and it’s the most amazing sensation EVER. Even the word is quite sexy…’GRANDEUR.’ Loves it!! Purrr…

I have a busy day infront of me, that actually has nothing to do with work, but more to do with ‘assembling’ good times, taking big breaths and repeatedly performing ‘happy dances’ due to my sheer luck. I can’t believe it! (Well if i’m honest…i can!) I always take days off life, to celebrate and rejoice ‘happiness.’ It keeps you sane, let alone smiling and i’m grateful. I never want this feeling to cease. I want to gallop around with it. I want to shout it from rooftops (that i’m not making out with hot gay guys on after mango margaritas) and i have that song that goes…’i have my drink and my two step/my drink and my two step..’ buzzing around my head!

Enjoy your day!! Kisses

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  1. im double pleased for u chrissie u deserve ot be happy as u are a proper happy and nice person have a good rest of the week babe and keep on doing your happy dances babe tak ecare chrissie tada scratch


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