Try a little tenderness

Oh my god! So last night i quite properly bollocked ‘latin lover’ over the phone, as in completely LOST it, with him….and not good kind of ‘Lost it.’ (oooh daddy!) I’m still rather PISSED OFF, which is not good, as i’m trying to keep a clear positive mind, and as my father would say have, ‘joy in my heart,’…it’s essential for progressing triumphantly in life. Basically, the ‘losing it’ was due to the fact that whenever i call him, he doen’t sound estactically please to hear from me, he mumbles lines of words, so i spend most of the time trying to figure out what he said if he actually said. He claims he wants ME to treat HIM like a Princess (Gay ‘K-fed’ bastard,) and when i’m on the phone to him, he basically whilst i’m mid sentence begins to have a conversation with someone right next to him….and doesn’t mumble. I despise bad manners!! I went all ‘incredible hulk’ on him, as he treats others better than he treats me, due to fear of what they may think of him. So i can’t tell whether he’s just a plain idiot, whether i deserve better, or whether he’s doing it deliberately to make me mad, so he has an appearance on my daily blog. All i’m gonna say is, it’s hard to keep a clear head, and concentrate on ones career positively when ‘knobsack’ over there keeps, infuriating me. He blames it on us not being together. I blame it one his clear speech impediment. (Did i spell that right?)

Anyway, it’s another lovely day. I’m all juicy and light. I need to get back my happy self before i start the day, so i’m calling on the aid of musical devices, to help ease my mind!! A bit of ‘boom, boom,  oopm pah,’ always lifts the spirits! My dearest Waz man, reminded me that in order for ones career to prosper, i have to remain focussed, and before i go to sleep make sure i concentrate my mind on what it is i so desire, as it’s really powerful…like ‘self hynosis.’ I’ve just appointed him my new spiritual leader, whilst my dads laid up on Ward 2!!

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  1. he might of been hung ova chrissie when u are tired and feeble words are hard to get out of your mouth all u want is juice and to lay. i hope u feel better soon hsave a drink it always calms things down have a great day chrissie take care treacle and good luck with the star thing doll


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