Truffles With The Warrenders

My Friday night was AMAZING!!! It’s taken 2 days of recovery, as my body’s ‘bounce back’ isn’t as smooth as it use to be. (Well, parts of it ‘bounce’ but never when it’s actually supposed too.) All i’m gonna say is ‘recovery days’ always equal ‘GREAT night out!’

It all started at ‘Truffles,’ a gorgeously cozy, perfectly pricey restuarant, with a 1 year WAITING list, ‘to die for’ food, and ME being TREATED to the most remarkable evening of dinner and Christmas merriment by ‘The Warrenders’ (my best friends family.) I played ‘substitute girlfriend,’ (for my best bud, who Cupid is not being too kind to) which is a role, i’m often used to playing…yet it’s usually in some sticky hell hole, and never in such a beautiful place. I hope he doesn’t have a girlfriend next Crimbo!!

I dined on the most perfectly prepared Venison, after a deliciously divine potatoe rosti, followed up by a chocolate ‘Nemisis’ of a dessert, washed down with as much red wine as a little girl like me, could have ever wished for (I so did Bacchus proud!) Then there was coffee and a finale of Christmas Brandy, in a fairy light conservatory. LOVED IT!! Perfect!

‘The Warrenders’ are FANTASTIC company. (And i’m not just saying that ‘cos they got me drunk.) I’m a family orientated girl, so it was quite simply perfection! Plus, i like the finer things in life, AND being treated so really they couldn’t lose with having Me there!! I was an angel, even though my nipple popped out. (It just wanted to say ‘hello.’) The boys didn’t mind! So yeah, there was a table of three cheeky chappies, and three girly girlies, all with the last name ‘Warrender’ except Me, and i guess at first the conversation was all smiles, nods, and ‘So how is your Father, Christina?’ Then something happened (code for ‘Got drunk on WINE,’) and by the main course, we were stealing wine glasses, gossiping about ladies who will ‘put butter in anything’ (What even a cuppa tea??) Talking about scouts, High school musical,  how ‘Wazza’ thinks he’s black ‘cos he can do athletics, strip clubs, bra measurers and girls we went to school with who are now lesbians. GREATNESS!!!

The last thing i remember after saying big ‘Thank you’s’ was all of us packed into a car, talking about the price of kittens, and a ‘Warrender’ sitting in the front seat, producing wine glasses from under his Parker jacket…that he had fully zipped up and hooded and his beautiful ‘i loved her pink tights’ wife, complaining because she couldn’t turn right, due to not being able to see beyond the jacket of ‘Parker-ness.’

She dropped The Youngest Warrender and I, who were by this time TRASHED…in the middle of Pontefract’s night life… Delicious!

To be continued…

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  1. quality chrissiehow nice is vennison me pal got some road kill 3 weeks ago and gave us a deer leg it was the guvna and u can eat it raw and all such is choog and all how where the rippers babe?


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