Tragically Great

The best picture of me EVER! Flic, Ola and I passed out in the back of the car, in the early hours of the morning (as in 8am) after proclaiming i could’ve easily stayed up for at least 24 more hours partying. Methinks not! Love it! So much fun, even though it is quite tragic. (My blogs keep getting me into trouble. But ah-well…they always have done. I guess it’s just how my life rolls. ‘Mistake-Mistake-Trouble-Mistake -Victory.’ It’s like the LA drama all over again. *yawn*)

8 thoughts on “Tragically Great”

  1. who is out of there cannister u couldnt hack egg or warehouse chrissie. i was impressed with your boozing though but this is aint the best pic u have posted here treacle though


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