Tragic And in a Teacup

This morning is already marevllous! I can’t stop laughing at how ridiculous i really am becoming by the day. I caught myself having a conversation with my mirror image, mid-pout. I’m tragic, but i LOVE it. It’s amazing. I rolled around in a fit of laughter, then smacked (as hard as i could have possibly of smacked) into a door…which pretty much sums up my jolly little life. I AM the Queen of Greatness. These moments solidify that statement. I have a whole part of my tan smeared on a door now. It’s delicious. I need coffee.

Okay life is getting busier, i’m feeling great for a girl wo should be PMT-ing, and after being woken up in shock to the Limp Bizkit song that goes ‘Keep Rollin, Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ on,’ not realizing what was going on, sitting up in a panic and instead of saving my own life from whatever terror i thought was about to happen, i (in my dazed state) started to fake drive my imaginary Hummer, that i believed was bouncing down a hot hoochie crowded street, at night. Then after a sudden, ‘What the fuck are you doing Wunna?’ I quickly snapped out of it, glared at my friend, then applauded my genius with laughter. I’m actually quite great at driving imaginary cars, so i wasn’t too embarassed! It’s takes a lot for me to embarass myself. Tragic really..

I spent the yesterday swirling around in a blue teacup, which had a pole throught the middle of it and some kind of metal umbrella shade that really looked more like a plate. Okay swirling in those tea cup ride things, is fun in the first 5 swirls…but when you’ve got to swirl number 152 and someone is taking pictures of you, you can no longer look sexy, especially when there’s an 7 year old child doing ‘slanty eyes’ at you…(hahahah…priceless moment) with every 12 swirls. I could’ve thrown up. I even started reflecting back on my life. There’s only been one other time i’ve felt that shit, and it’s when i was soooo hungover, still in ‘Room Spin’ mode, and was trapped on top of a Ferris Wheel, at 7.30am, in the LA morning heat, with some Spastic of an idiot, rocking our cart to see if we could fall out, while i was an ‘Extra’ in a movie when i was younger for money. It was awful. I was cold sweating (haha) and having to wear a jumper. Plus Danny Devito was below me screeching out his lines over and over again, dressed like a carnivale freak. It felt like that moment, but this time i was in my underwear, slowly dying and being racially abused in a Tea cup! Hahaha! Oh Lord save me!

YES to Canada right now! I’m loving you bitches! You have been so GREAT to me. I heard the BBF re-run was on MTV over there, and really you’ve all been quite quite WONDERFUL. I fucking LOVE you…I’ll be coming to see you shortly…when i’ve finished being a terrible nuisance over here. I love how all i’m remembered for is celotaping feathers to my nipples. Can anyone say GREATNESS?

I’m shopping today..I’m a bra buying, as i think my boobies are dropping? How dare they!! I bought these bitches!

8 thoughts on “Tragic And in a Teacup”

  1. u crack me up chrissie so what u been up to this weekend babe/ did u watch britains got talent yesterday/ how good was thatlil tinpot who song a jackson song the chavvie was mustard

  2. The Burlesque performance! Reality TV history!
    I’m glad the shows doing it’s rounds around the globe! So funny, especially the last show with Tinkerbell. Did you ever meet that snappy dog? XD

  3. yep BBF reruns here your majesty my queen of greatness,can’t get enough of that cellophane burlesque bit,a lot of the show is on youtube 😛


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