Toyboys, Anger & Giggle Bums

What a day! I’ve been exhausted through most of it, due to early ‘baby-momma’ mornings, where Loverboy decides not to help one bit and i’m left  adding a full time work schedule to that, plus a drappage of diamantes, that could weight the most sturdy of floozies down, you have how i’ve mentally felt. I call this ‘hazy’ and i’ve not only just had to run around in circles for Loverboy, whilst organizing appointments, sorting out my book meeting for tomorrow and worrying that i’m not the correct shade of tan orange? Pete’s decided to piss me off good and proper by trying to prevent me from writing my BLOG. OH MY GOD! What the hell is wrong with boys! My blog was here before PETE and has stayed loyal to me for that entire time. However the thing that gets on Pete’s nerves is that i have to write it in what he calls ‘his’ time. WHATEVER. He wants to cook and have dinner. I want to write a 10 minute blog. He bizarrely goes *Queeny* over the fact that i’m writing it during HOME time, instead of writing it at work…so i lost it and pulled a giant DIVA ON HIM. I HATE men that attempt to control my freetime…and this is how it went:

‘OMG! WHAT THE FUCK PETE!! I can write my blog WHENEVER i fricking WANT to write my blog. It was here before you and means a damn sight MORE TO ME, than YOU DO. Quit trying to control EVERYTHING and have EVERYTHING on your terms! I don’t CARE about what you FUCKING DO when i’m around. But I’M WRITING MY BLOG RIGHT FRICKING NOW! *Hair-toss* DEAL WITH IT. This is MY LAPTOP. I PAY FOR THE INTERNET…so stop being a spoilt fucking BRATT and stop trying to CONTROL ME. This blog is THE ONLY reaosn why i even GOT MY BOOK DEAL , you twat! It might not be important to you, but it is TO ME, which you don’t even care about. It’s not all about you. It’s got fuck all to do with you. I’m going into another room. *Exits dramatically* Do it at work? I can’t do it at WORK, YOU IDIOT, because i’m WORKING! I can do whatever iw ant, WHEN I WANT….cya!’

Lovely! Lovely! 🙂 Whatever. I’m tired fo me attempting to MAKE me do things THEIR WAY. I’m a independant ball of kitty cat feist and infact an independant ball of kitty cat feist doing a great deal BETTER than them!! I mean  surely they should concentrate on making THEIR life better instead of trying to trip up around MINE! I work hard and i’m dedicated. Pete has really pissed me off and should actually take a leaf out of my book. I have men who need to always have their own way, when they deliver ‘not much’ to a relationship on a daily. I’m angry and currrently blogging from a separate room, in leopard print pyjamas. lol. (Angry, but still cheap.)

Apart from him ruining my night. (It’s fine i have vodka and realized a long time ago that men were nothing but annoying, egos, with willies. Not ALL men. Just the insecure ones, that end up meeting me.) I’ve actually had a really great day!

I had a full day of giggles work and fun! I have a work colleague call me up simply to serenade me with fine voice and with ‘I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts’ as his song choice. I then had Kelly managed to actually find me a ‘TOYBOY warehouse’ (yes..there is such thing. You can actually BUY a TOYBOY now! There really is a god and she really is a COUGAR. I’m a cougar in training. I used to really hate cougars when i was young because my mexican boyfriend at the time had a cougar ex that he adored. Not that i’m old. I quite like the idea.) Kelly (poor thing) actually found the website accidentally, whilst she was Google searching Demi Moore, who she described as ‘wouldn’t mind being.’ I love that the word ‘Warehouse’ follows the word ‘Toyboy.’ It makes it sound like a Cotsco, filled with shelves of young, handsome, ‘looking for old woman love’ boys. HAHA. Hilarious!

I’ve missed my LA friends a lot today and because i had time to think about them. LA was a big part of my life. A big part of my frowing up and a big part of who i am today. I kinda scrolled through their Facebook pages, remembering the past and how much fun we all had. Then my memories got pissed over, by me taking myself back to a club that was named ‘Bliss’ at the timem where some ‘A’ esxual guy named John wanted to date me and take me to Cabo on his bullshit ‘Daddies jet.’ I remember going back to an after party and his friend doing the robot to quiet hip/hop music. It was a really boring time with carpets. (Anytime the floor under you has carpets, you’re ahving a boring time.) I actually think his friend told me that the Cabo guy named John shagged plants? Nothing happened, apart from me doing that girl thing where you tsalk the boy, by accidentally turning up at the exact same place, hoping to see them again. I did…and he ignored me. Lol. I never really used to do myself any favours. Luckily, God gifted me with a dazzle of the ‘grown up’ now. THANKFULLY!! I’m far less tragic and come with far more swagga now.

I have nothing else to report, other than i’m still angry. I’m waiting to give my mum forms. I’m excited for my book. I adore little Ruby, (who i could’ve named ‘Malibu.’)  My staple shoe in my closet really is a PINK stilleto and there really does need to be more eye candy in Yorkshire. UGH! What is this place?>?>?

I’m off to calm down and make up with Loverboy, even though he was being a twat. The good thing about that twat, is that he is one that learns his lessons fast. I just HATE boys that end up trying to be controlling and selfish! It always happens when they date me! Annoying!

Me & sammie….drnuk. 🙂

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