Totally Hot

Amazing day and because although it was littered with mildy dramatic moments…like being LATE for things. I hate being late for things and well basically because whenever boys I dated were LATE for me, it always meant they considered whatever they were doing during their ‘daudle’ far more important than ME! Never good. I enjoy a punctual ‘handsome’ and hate it when ‘life’ hops in and makes me tardy for important things. It was all fine though, thanks to my little ‘hero’ Keiran. (I’m madly in love with him right now…i can’t believe i have a hubby to be! I LOVE IT. *Giggle.* He is my PERFECT man in EVERY ENTIRE WAY…and i feel so lucky to simply have him.)

Oh and by the way, he moved all his stuff back in. 🙂 The funny thing about a ‘drama queen’ argument. (And we’re both beings who are quite the giants of dramatic moments.) Oh and I mean a ‘Drama Queen’ argument, where you hand move all your stuff out of your glamour pusses house, into a blue car, due to a drunken moment of ‘look at me’ anger…is the simple fact that the next morning when you’ve made up and fox trotted back to ‘fairytale’…you only have to perform the comedic act of hand moving it all back in…and with a shake of your head and a smile. I love it.

We’ve got a really strong bond right now and i feel as though we can conquer anything. (Hang on..i’m cooking tea and i being the domestic Goddess that I am..i think i’m burning things.)

Okay, i’m back.

Great day. i’m not gonna tell you too much about it. But I will say it involved a jolly group of people, intending to commit to a ‘good deed,’ (including moi)…which turned into accidentally lighting a birthday cake, under a smoke alarm, with the lights off…which then turned into the FIRE ALARM *honking* quite #non-stop and MADLY…which THEN made an ENTIRE building HAVE TO accidentally evacuate…lol…whilst there’s laughter, ‘uh-oh’s…and swearing in the dark to mini-me clothes.

I’ve had a wonderful day and an even better night. Keiran is being a dream and treating me like an utter Princess. He looks at me and tells me how much we’re meant to be and well that’s how you know you’re ‘handsome’ adores you. I couldn’t be happier right now. Life has certainly stepped it up.

I’m in Reveal Tomorrow (Tuesday) so buy your copy immediately and well what can i say other than in the last 11 weeks, soooo much has changed and developed in my little kitten life. Big decisions have been made and Cupid has been kind. I’m on my way up, with a bambino, a bit of glitter, a wad of glitzy cash and a ‘Dreamboat’ of a man, who’s tan lines make him look like he is wearing white flesh boy briefs.

If i can give you any advice ladies…it is to make sure you’re getting what you want out of life and from your man. Don’t hate on other chica’s that are…(that’s tragically telling) and instead strut forward and celebrate who YOU fricking are. It is so much hotter.

I’m soooo in love….i’ve just watched my ‘handsome’ arm rock baby Ruby to sleep. It doesn’t get sexier than that. (Well…it kinda does, but i’ll leave that between our sheets. 😉 *Wiggle-Wink*)

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