Topless Tuesday & dirty google searches

Morning my Pretties!! How are you today?? I am feeling fabulous, divine, the Queen of all Queens, and looking forward to another magnificent day of ‘Taking over the world.’ (evil evil laugh) But on a more serious note, really I am!!! My website hits have been tremendous, thanks to YOU my sexy little whorey boys, thanks to ‘The Wizard of Waz,’ ( we praise him, as he holds the strings to this operation, wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him,) thanks to ME …obviously for getting my ‘Na na’s’ out, and the good lord, for blessing me with such a talent and finally major thanks to GOOGLE!!!

Okay so every morning, when the Princess rises from her chamber, after counting her gold coins in the parlour, and picking out diamonds to gracefully adorn…i check my morning email!!! I get a lot so it take ages. Anyway, it was brought to my attention this morning, that my HITS (website, not contract Hitman)were mainly all from ‘Chrissie Wunna’ google searches.’ So yes, people are googling, Chrissie Wunna Zoo, FHM, (blah blah,) and get this… ‘Fannies and Cum!!’ Someone searched, ‘Fannies and Cum,’ and up popped ‘Chrissie Wunna!!’ Wow!! hahahahaha, it’s the most hilarious thing i’ve heard all morning!! AND, that’s not even the best of it, some poor horny bloke, typed in, ‘Cum, and Easter Bunny.’ ( whoever he is, He’s my favourite!! You totally win a blowjob!!) Searches are great, i’m apparently one of the top tag searches on the Daily Star, delicately wedged inbetween, ‘Afghanistan, and Darren hayes,’ (haha)Super Stardom beckons, my child!! Shit i still haven’t had my morning cuppa joe, yet!

I have a busy day, of grooming and planning out my shoots, yet more importantly it is and once again, TOPLESS TUESDAY!!!! So later you’re in for a treat!! However, i must fly off right now, and tend to my grooming, but just so you know…

I LOVE YOU!!! xxx

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