Too tired to write this

I am completely knackered and about to get some precious beauty sleep, and i definitely need it!! I’ve had a great day, a bizarre night, and now even keeping my eyes open enough to write this blog is proving to be quite difficult!!

It’s been weird, tonight. A guy, i’ll call him, ‘wish i was much nicer to him,’ was on the other end of the phone line to me, about an hour ago. I guess, i was somewhat frustrated, and i often get like that if i don’t get my own way, or if i think the other person is sloooooooow…as my brain works at full speed, even at the slowest moments!! Ofcourse, long story short, i give him the Chrissie Wunna ‘Bitch-out’ and expecting him to really not give two squirts, the phone line reaches a silence, than he hysterically bursts into tears!! It’s funny now, but at the time i felt SO bad. I didn’t know what to do? What to say? This feeling of sheer guilt kind of ran down me,and he just wouldn’t stop crying, out loud, and for AGES!!! Plus, I’m really shit during those awkward, ‘made a boy cry, now what do i do,’ moments!! I think, i actually shouted at him, some more, (and i need to be slapped in the face with a kipper, for it,) yet now it’s all good, as we’ve picked up the pieces, and glued are relationship back together…luckily!!! We’re all smiles!!

So i guess i’m learning to not take my frustration out on others, and to think about things before they spew out of my mouth!! This is all very new to me!!! But whatever, i’ll get there…. someday???

I need to go to bed, i can’t stay up anymore. My dad go so drunk he passed out on the living room floor, infront of a portable heater, my mum has just given me a lecture on the dangers of drinking, and i’ve just realised that relaxing in England is SOOOOO diiferent to relaxing in Hollywood.

Relaxing in LA, is GREATNESS, because during you’re ‘nothing to do’ phase, you can bathe in the sun, drink peach margaritas, talk to the gays and swim in your friends pool, after having sushi and a hot boy for lunch. Yet, in England, relaxing is quite ‘blah’. All you can do, is work on your career, make tea and then maybe hope Eastenders is on, or something? But whatever, i’m happy!!! It could be worse! I need ot get back to work. I am missing LA though!!

Shit i’m tired and a plastic bag reading: ‘fill up your tank with fuel and your cupboards with a range of everyday essentials,’ just flew into my face and blinded me. How not very glamour puss!!

I need to slip out of these clothes and slip into my sheets, Nighty night my cheekies!!! xx

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