Tomorrow We’re ‘Perfect.’

I start filming ‘Perfect’ tomorrow & I couldn’t be more excited! I’ve been at the table read this afternoon with Clint, Lydia, Ian…the Directors & Producer. (Jannah, Ollie, Jadine, Ellice…) We went through a bit of the ‘blocking’ ready for the big day tomorrow and I got to have my first cheeky peeky at the set. (I play ‘Paula’ and she’s a ‘popular daytime talk show host.’ I’ve actually always wanted to be a talk show host…So as you can imagine…I’m ridiculously delighted! Haha. It’s just a little bit & I’m gonna do my little bit well.) Everyone looks like they’ve been working really hard. I honestly couldn’t be more excited, so hopefully I’ll do the role some justice. Y’know, be a really great part of a really great team and story. 

But all that starts tomorrow. I have a 8.30am call time. 

Today! Let me tell you. I saw little snippets of life that made smile. I saw a business man walk out of a Costa, on his way to work, in Leeds city centre. As the door slowly eased closed, behind him, he walked onto the busy Leeds streets, & handed over a fresh, warm drink to a freezing cold, homeless guy, who was trying to wrap himself up, underneath a blanket. 

Business Man: ‘It’s a hot chocolate, buddy. Hope that’s okay?’

He smiled and the homeless guy looked up at him and just beamed. 

It made my morning. 

It’s weird how the smallest gestures, make others peoples world just perfect for a simple moment. It’s contagiously beautiful. 

Then as I walked along Kirkstall Road, I saw a blind man, standing tall, waiting to cross the road, when he felt it was the right time. He seemed confident. He knew what he was doing. Yet, the gentleman stood next to him, offered to help him

across the busy street. He linked arms with him and walked him across safely. 

When the blind man got to the other side, he smiled and I swear I even saw a glint in his eyes that was filled with absolute thankfulness. 

I loved it. 

I also saw a mum, with her babies and their Grandad, about to take pictures to influence a well known Waffle House in Leeds. She was beautiful and dressed normal for a mama of two. Yet, literally 7 seconds before the picture was taken…right on cue, she whopped off her jumper at the speed of light, like she’d done it a million times before and took the photo to promote the family waffle joint, in a boob tube…for extra sexy ‘insta likes..’

I get that. I’ve been there. But I guess…everyone has their own version of ‘Perfection.’ We learn along the way.

Then there I was…stood in Superdrug, rummaging through lashes, to find the perfect pair. I found them pretty quickly, but a lady stopped me and said…

‘Do you wear these things? Do you know about these thing?’

I smiled and said ‘Yeah.’

She looked at me and smiled back..Then said.

‘I’m 70 years old, I have alopecia. I’ve lost my hair, but I’m going on a first date. My husband died 4 years ago…But I’ve just been sat at home, on my own for 4 years and I don’t want to do that anymore.’ 

Me: ‘Aww. You look great. So you want eyelashes?’

Lady: ‘Yes. But I don’t know how to do it pick? I want to look nice. I’m wearing a wig and it’s been hard to date because I have to explain that I’m bald, cos my hair don’t grow. I’ve only talk to him virtual. So this is the first time I’ll see him in real.’ 

She was Brazilian. I loved her openness. Yet more than anything ….she just wanted someone to chat to. It had nothing to do with eyelashes, or dates….She just wanted to feel a little less alone…

This was actually yesterday. I was stressed out yesterday. I was dashing about like a busy ‘all about me’ whirlwind. 

I looked at her, as we stood by the eyelash isle and I noticed that staff were walking by us and doing ‘are you okay’ faces at me. So I just stopped everything…I quit my rush about and boxed away my stress. It didn’t matter anymore. I put my bags down and began talking to her. 

In that moment it was all about her. Sonia was her name.

It meant so much to her. She beamed. I picked her a pair of lashes and got her some glue. 

I’ll never see her again, yet I was delighted to have given her my time because she’ll never forget it. It made me feel so

wonderful, to have shared a moment with her. I taught her friendship and eyelashes. Lol. She reminded me NOT to stress and of what life was really about. 

I walked out of that store, swinging my bags, with a skip in my step and a smile that radiated from inside me. I looked back….and she waved.

Tomorrow I Film ‘Perfect.’

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I’m really honoured to be part of this film. The script is phenomenal. The team is first class. I mean I couldn’t work with a more tremendous bunch of peeps. The actors are ofcourse 😉 just wonderful. But most of all…we’re all going to be telling you a story…with a message… that you’ll hopefully watch watch…and love.

I can’t wait. 

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