To Diddle, To Do..


Today, I have a busy day of ‘to do’ list. I don’t usually enjoy these days, as i’m more of a fizzle of ‘jiggery’ than I am a labourer. There are two types of people in this world. The ones that are manual beings, who enjoy a bit of labour and ‘hands on’ work and mainly because their physical genes are a great deal stronger than their mental brain work genes. Then there’s the other group, the group that I belong to (which if you didn’t know you you would never have guessed) but it’s the ‘i’m physically rubbish and not made to lift things’…however, my brain works really fast and exceedingly well, so instead I can use it to my advantage, instead of having to go out in the cold and things. Both are good, as they balance each other out. However, I much prefer having a working brain, over anything else and simply because everything else…can be bought. 🙂 (I’m having a burrito for breakfast. Life is good. I’ve summoned my inner Mexican., which is probably what’s putting that extra jiggle in my wiggle. I do need to stop dating Mexican’s and marrying them though, as obviously and like I once stated… a ‘Latin Lover’ is good for one thing and that is to ‘love’ the way only a ‘Latin’ knows how. They’re not meant for ‘forever.’ They’re for everyone to enjoy…briefly. I mean any culture that invented the pinata deserves props, yet you don’t need to take it to far and make them your husband for a while…well before they try and blackmail you anyhow. 🙂 #longstory  #weredivorcednow

Anyway…today, i’ve completed the nursery run. A task that you might see as easy peasy, but let me tell you, with a *bump* and not too much patience, that you sort of have to cream over with a hell of a lot of patience, it’s hard. I’m learning about Ruby fast and as a parent the number one thing is to KNOW you’re child backwards. (Well and forwards too, as it would be a bit odd, if you just knew how they acted in reverse. What i’m trying to say, is that there’s not one way to parent. Each child is different and maybe nothing like you, so you need to be able to adjust carefully and slyly. 🙂 )

I’m slowly noticing that the nicer I am to Rubes, the more I get out of her. Meaning that if i’m abrupt and angry at her, she’ll rebel and do nothing for me. She adores attention, so if i give it to her positively, she’ll be the greatest child ever, yet if i don’t…she kicks off and simply for it. Today, i after an ‘almost’ minor breakdown. (The bump is driving me insane.) I finally got it right and got her to nursery in one happy piece of Burmese. Yipppee! Things are a lot more difficult now and because i’m on my last legs. It’s sort of like being the last one at a party that you’re DYING to come home from, yet you can’t because you’re ride still wants to stay out and you can’t afford a taxi all the way home. AND ya feet hurt.

The last few weeks are the weeks that you sort of need a lot of help with..and I can feel myself hormonally adjusting and physically adjusting. The days are fine, as Rubes is in nursery and well I can just get n with my day or rest up to refuel. The evening are hard because Wunna land is a circus. I’ve noticed that Keiran’s really helpful DURING THE DAY part of my day, where I maybe don’t need help. (He’s currently playing golf which I like because I am granted some ME time.) Yet as lovely as he is, DURING THE EVENING part of the day, he’s usually either working upstairs, nowhere to be seen, wanting me to make him food, attempting to fix things in the home or out drinking at his friends home. The evening is when I need him most, as it’s a struggle to give my bambino the full attention that she needs, at the same time as rest my bump, and physically lift or do anything. I mean I can’t really even get up off the sofa without a hand. So, it’s quite hard for me right now, as i feel as though  he’s not there, when i need him to be. Add hormones to that equation and you have war! But luckily, I have an extremely helpful Mother. If i didn’t have her, i don’t know what i’d do. I’ve not got long now, until I reach the finish line, so i’m happy. Plus, as soon as I do, i can enjoy my children, enjoy getting back to real life, go out, have fun, be a girl again, then get straight back to work. I get an exceedingly huge amount of offers for me to attend a ‘razzle’ here and a ‘dazzle’ there and I don’t because firstly Ruby needs me. Secondly, I prefer being with Rubes. Thirdly, when there’s too many options, i’ve always go with it anything, boys, friends, food, work..anything. Fourthly…i’m quick picky these days after my time in Hollywood and my stint on the telly box, alongside the boobie modelling career. I don’t spread myself thinly because i’m just not like that. I don’t hang out for the sake of hanging out, when i have more important things to be responsible for anymore. I’m quite grown up in that respect. I mean, Keiran usually always calls me a child and in many ways I am, because i’ve been spoilt. Yet when it comes to the ‘party fever,’ i’m highly grown up now and because i know the score. I need to be there for my children because if i’m not they’ll grow up to feel only half loved and having dated far too many half loved beings…i certainly know that  it’s not fun. But i will enjoy a drinky and some fun once i’ve had my bump and simply because I deserve it. Keiran’ll be left holding the baby and i’m not sure how fun he’ll find it..The novelty of it will soon wear off. Whereas i’m used to holding the baby and i do actually love it.

After the nursery run, i’ve had to stop off at the garage to tell them to sort out my car. Apparently it may need a servicing (don’t we all 😉 ) and well as soon as I walked in there, they didn’t like me. Well no…the men did…the blond woman didn’t. She thought I was a bimbo and didn’t enjoy the fuss that was being made around me and my car bimbo ways. I know nothing about cars, yet luckily were around men who know everything about them. They liked me and didn’t want me to get dirty, so flirtatiously placed me on a pedestal  away from the muck and grime. He even stated that word for word. I like it. The girl had no time for me and couldn’t find it in her to crack a smile. She kept rolling her eyes at her chick friend behind me because I didn’t know the reg or precise make of my car. 🙂 I was sort of like, ‘THAT ONE THERE,’ whilst pointing outside at it. The men ran out for me to check it straight away. 🙂 She warmed up to me in the end because I used my charm and told her she had pretty hair. Lol. She only didn’t like me because I was girly, which is awful because I didn’t stop liking her when she worked a bomber jacket with army walking boots. We’re just different. Plus, when I was in there, one of the guys asked if I was ‘The Security Guys’ wife….I said ‘Yes.’ The girl didn’t like that. Keiran’s obviously quite charming too and I guess having the ‘charm boxes’ wife plonked in front of you, in her full faux fur glory…even though i’m massive with a human in my belly, is not that fun at all. In fact now that i think about it, the having a ‘human in my belly part’ makes it doubly not fun really. But at least there’s willing to fix my car on Monday morning. Yippeee! Another thing crossed off the list.

So, i’ve done the car, done the nursery run, about to clean up, done the boiler, need to call the washer man, (sounds like  a creepy nursery rhyme,) i’ve paid a few bills and made appointments. I have an interview to do and well the other one has managed to get postponed until Monday, due to birthday’s.

There yo go.

I need to do all of that then rest. Yay! This week has flown by and i’m proud of myself because i’m controlling my hormones much better than usual. It’s not easy, especially when you can feel them brewing. My insides are somehow whipping them into shape.

Other than that, I’m still loving my weave. I’m enjoying the spring time weather and i’m turning up my summer song. I’m dollifying ready for the labour and i’m getting excited to welcome my little boy.

So to get you in the mood, and i think you have to be a Diva or an oldie to appreciate my Summer song choices.. Here a little tune to put a smiel on ya miserable faces. It’s a girl anthem!!! Ruby loves it! She calls it’ Dollies.’ 🙂






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