Tired, Delicious, Yet Purrfect

OMG i am super exhausted! I don’t know whether i had the Monday morning blues, had a remarkable weekend that work seemed horrific, or the fact that being 7 months preggo has decided to quite merrily kick in? But dollies…i dragged ass all day much! I worked a full day, whilst juggling my *bump,* my love life, my makeup line, book and normal day job, in a red jumper and let me tell you…if i ever needed a cuddle, i certainly need one now. (I totally wore my faux fur today too…and i still felt exhausted! I had had nothing but a lemon flapjack all day and even my *bump* starting swearing at me, via the fine art of belly kicking abuse. 🙂 I love her regardless though…and i can’t wait to be a Mummy!! Woohoo!

Even though i’m tired, i’ve just been made the most delicious spag bol by Loverboy…aka, the man of my dreams! We’re head over heels in love right now, after i made him watch ‘The Notebook’ last night. He swore he wouldn’t cry, yet when it got to the juicy tear jerker part…my ‘handsome’ hero…shed tears like his eyes were sweating! He just filled up and i secretly watched his wepp get a roll on. Awww! I love a man that isn’t afraid to be vunerable. I cried my eyes out and then pissed myself laughing at how tragic we were! It made us closer, but then i remembered that i had missed the Kerry Katona thing, (who i adore) that i wanted to watch. Therefore made up for it, by soaking up a good bit of ‘Real Housewives..’ Oh how i love my ‘Real Housewives.’ They are my life!! ( I always curl my hair, before watching it and then slide in my chandelier diamond earrings. I also like to watch it eyelashed. 🙂 )

Anyway, i wish i could gossip tto you delicious dips of ‘dorable more…however, i am extremely tired and have a whole other day of work tomorrow. There really is no rest for the wicked. I think Pete & I have named our *bump* (EXCITING) and i think you’re all gonna love it!

Thankyou so much for all the messages and shirtless pictures. (Yes to ‘holly over googlie’ pics too.) I hope you love our festive Wunna snow on the blog, created by my darling Wazza. I will tell you that over the weekend, i heard a friend of mine got drugged, fell into her house, stripped naked in a kitchen, then bent over a sink to vomit, before spending the next day crying her way through time. Lol CHAMPION! Oh and one of my guy friends got his willy grabbed by girls named

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