Tilt and Type

Woke up this morning and found camels on my phone? You know you’ve had a good night, if you end up with camels on your phone right? I kinda rolled my body over, found my bambinonext to me, wedged between my Loverboy and I. I reached for my Blackberry and as i went to *browse,* there they were…camels. (And I do mean ‘pictures of’ and not actual real life camels, just sat on my phone. I’m Greatness…yes. But i’m not that Greatness. Well I am really. Yet, not high enough in the fame game to summon camels whenever I so wish.) I actually don’t enjoy camels. They creep me out because they always look angry and a girl i went to school with bought me a camel whip that weirded me out as a gift from her holiday.

Then to make the morning even more ‘normal.’ I attempted to calm Baby Ruby from crying by playing her happy childrens songs. AGAIN…i clicked on my phone, found a video that claimed to be the ‘Im a little teapot’ sing for children on Youtube. I play it, all excited with an ‘ooh’ face, whilst revving Ruby up for the big old ‘hoo-haa..’ and not only did it end up being Arabian. But it ended up also sounding a bit like trancey druggie music. I looked at it with a dolly *shocked* face saying ‘This isn’t I’m a little teapot??? This is some glowstick Arabian crap????’ I wanted to introduce the fruit of my loins to the whole ‘here’s  my handle, here’s my spout’ madness. I was groomed and ready for it. Even adjusted my boobs and everything and hairtossed. What i didn’t expect was heebie jeebie, cracked out ‘humming’ to pictures of newspaper covered, druggie teapots.

Anyway, great day today. I’m exhausted and needing lots more rest. I know I am because when my pretty head hit themy pillow last night, I had never felt so good. I even wriggled around with Ultimate ‘oohness.’ It felt AMAZING. When that happens, you’re either a total sad case, or you’re knackered. I’m both…but hot. 🙂 *Flings tiara on bed* Work takes it out of me more than anyone thinks! You’ll never know it, because it’s clever disguised by a  flawlessly strong, happy lot of fake tan, boobies and laughter. I need a week of sleep before I can move forward. If I don’t get it, everything i do will be half rate, and not really dipped in the full 100% WUNNA GLORY. *Pulls up stocking-winks.* I love work for wearing my outfits and socializing, like any Glamour puss would. The ‘work’ part sucks and because it’s just not my forte. Lol. I was made for winking and working ‘it.’ The book writing and showbizzy work I really love and because of the adoration that follows it. (Yes, i am that tragical. But i really do honestly love it!)

I’ve actually got my new glasses on right now and it’s hilarious because I look like a slutty secretary, but I can’t see for shit. LOL. Everythings on a slant, so i’m having to pull random opened mouthed faces and tilt in order to type. (I need wine.)

My mums currently here to paly with Baby Ruby and give me a moment to blog. It’s that hectic and especially with me having to juggle my day job, with my book and my showbizzy bundle of ‘this year’ work. It’s like walking an emotional tightrope…with a wiggle, boobies and a wink. (Oh and thankyou to all of you who have been sending me messages of fabulousity.)

Pete aka Loverboy is doing fine. All is well. I need my beauty sleep and well dollies… along with being a mum…I’m actually bizarrely going to ‘make it!’ Woohoo!

Can’t think of what else I wanted to tell you, other than getting a visit from Loreto and Lucy today (who are Petes friends who i adore) and the term ‘Four puffs and a piano’ being mentioned, due to Loreto once going to the Doctor and apparently having a ‘finger’ being wedged in his mighty bum bum. That weirdly didn’t worry him and what did was the fact that when he looked back, the Doctor had BOTH hands on his shoulders? 🙂

Okay apart from all that. YOUTUBE emailed me today saying that my ‘Chrissie in Labour’ video had been getting soo many hits that they wondered if I wanted to sign up with them and make revenue (ie. dollar, dollar) from the video. How funny! I love it! Thankyou for the love..You’ve doing me proud. The great thing about the Chrissie Wunna ‘making her mark’ marlarky is the fact that we’ve all done it together. You’ve all travelled my journey and carried me along emotionally. I’ve met a lot of you, talked to most of you and championed through the good with the bad…and with you all by my side, all over the world. (Deffo need wine now.)

I’ve really really  got to go now because I seriously can’t tilt and type anymore. I’m keeping it fierce for you girls and boys i’ll always keep it sexy! *Wink-wiggle-pout-OUT!*

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