Tickle My Fancy


Now i’m a hot blooded woman, with a gift of the bedroom eyes, a tender touch of the ‘naughty’ and if you’re gonna push all the incorrect buttons, my arm with lift, my eyes will slant, I’ll sip my cocktail, have a mouthful of rice, then Karate chop your ego until you can no longer ‘bastard’ your way through this thing we call ‘life.’ Then ofcourse i’ll wink, smile and tell you ‘I love you’ and we’re all beable to put on our party hats, hold hands and sing nursery fucking rhymes all day long. It’s quite pathetic junvenile behaviour really, but it’s always worked for me, therefore i use it as my ‘old faithful.’ (sizzle.) Let’s all stop uneccessary twattish behaviour, (i include myself inthat catergory.) Lets take off our tops and spoon until

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