A Gin and Ti-tonic

Really grumpy this morning. You know when you just want to wake up peacefully, but accidently someone enters your room, before you’re eyes have even really opened and starts going on no on, about their tragic life, and it’s the first thing you have to absorb for like 1 whole hour. I tried to zone out, but due to utter politeness, i actually listened. (Never again…listenning is over-rated!) I could be grumpy because i had zero hours sleep. This is only good, when you’ve had a pretty decent night on the razzle, however mine was a lot less entertaining. All night, there was someone parked in a car outside our house ‘honking’ repeatedly throughout the whole process of the night. When i would go to the window, they would stop, and then when i tucked myself back in, they would ‘honk’ again!! It’s actually quite funny, but not now, as i feel like i haven’t slept in a million years! (Honking fans, are over-rated!!)

So, it’s before i’ve had my morning coffee McTipple, and i’ve thumbed through the National Enquirer- i’m telling ya, when you feel like a ‘slapped arse’ thumbing through this high quality celeb gossip magazine makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside! lol… (God i have unnecessary ‘thud, thud’ going on in my head. Damn you ‘Honkers!!’) Anyway, what i learnt was that you can now buy novelty ice cube making molds, that obviously make ‘ice,’ but not of the cubed’ shaped variety! They now come in ‘the tragic ship that sunk’ Titanic shapes… with giant ice bergs!! So you can pour yourself a glass of Gin, throw in a fresh lemon, and for that extra bit of ‘ooh-laa’ magic, chuck in a few ‘icebergs’ cleverly followed by an ice version of the ‘unsinkable, but totally sank’ luxury ‘ Titanic’ liner …which ( for your sheer drunken delight) will half SINK in your gin…reliving the moment where about 1500 people lost their lives, in 1912. Is it rude for me to find this amusing??

1 thought on “A Gin and Ti-tonic”

  1. i think it is funny but i wouldnt haveit in me booze as i dont have ice as it waters down the booze. u should of gone out and smacked the geezer if he kept u up or got your bro to smack him i hope u have a good week chrissie take care babe tada scratch


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