Thursdays, Layla and a Little Bit of Chanel

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Met up with Layla today. I haven’t seen her in ages and well she had 4 hours to kill before her passport was renewed. As i woke up, i got a text reading, ‘U wanna do coffee?’ And since i’m on this whole, single-fabulous wave of ‘ooh laa,’ i figured why not spend ‘girl time’ with a chica who i can have a good gossip with and spend a few fine earned pences with. I like Layla because she’s always quite honest about things and every girl needs a little bit of a ‘reality check’ in their life.

Okay, so i met her outside Topshop after buying ‘Bling’ for dates and talking about boobies. We needed a ciggy break so during a ‘pause’ between banter we did just that….and who do we run into as we’re on our merry ‘we’re better than all men‘ luncheon. Yep, Jonny and Chris….who were armed with a tiny Debenhams bag and a bottle of Evian from Morrisons. What were the chances?? I’m not a fan of running into exes, when i don’t know i’m going to run into them. I only like my alone time with them, because they can only really be themselves, when they are alone with me. Anyway, Layla doesn’t really know all the drama, well kinda does, but not really and wrongly assumed that ‘Chris‘ (the one that she referred to as the ‘taller’ one) was Jonny….like in her words, ‘it must have been.’ (I won’t say why.) But she couldn’t for the life of her…well….whatever! I think  she just found it bizarre that i would hang out with them? I like those boys. I do. They were normal and sweet. Plain but nice. Yet a bit odder than usual around Me and claimed to have been talking about me 5 minutes previous. (Which is usually code for ‘slagging me off.‘ Lol. Yet i hope not!!! ) But after awkward ‘ we’re on the street’ banter….we then ventured off to get Italian and wine in the Oxford Circus area. (Can’t for the life of me remember, what the place was called??) Ugh! My phones ringing…hang on. It’s New York.

Anyway we gossiped about our love lives over bruschetta and pasta and OMG we went to TOWN on it. I mean, we don’t understand why boys in England are so insecure and how playing the field might be a better option as finding a decent, hot, prince charming is pretty difficult in London Town. It was like an episode of ‘sex in the city.’ I told her about what i was getting up to…(which is nothing. I have a hottie man-eating reputation, but i have my blinders on right now…no-ones catching my eye, or really striking me, or really good enough. I’m not even on the look out.) But we laughed at my past. THEN mid mouthful after i tell her who i DO want to date, she flips a ‘crazy’ on me and tells me who she’s been tampering with. OMG!!! I can’t tell you, but OMG! You will knows these boys very very well AND their reputations. I sat there pissing myself, slightly shocked, slightly jealous that she’s had the chance to see them naked and completely ‘wa wa woo weed’ about the whole thing. Oh and i noticed that the waiter was a bit of a dish. All sexy, latin and flirty. (Come to mama, but not really. Mamas not bothered.)

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time and I think the chanel made it that tiny bit better! I need to come down to Londontown to see you soon X


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