Through his stomach

Okay my Pretty petals of perfection. Last night Loverboy and I did dinner at La Tasca in Leeds. We do a lot of eating out, because food can be sooo sexy much, it turns us both on greatly and well he’d never had tapas before, therefore s La Tasca was graced with our drunken presence. All i’m gonna say is just because something is little, it doesn’t mean it’s not lethal. Look at me, i’m delicious, dainty, but dangerous. Tapas is tiny, but i don’t think i have ever felt fuller. I strutted in all hair tossy, pouty and in a tight peach dress. I was the ULTIMATE puss of Glamour, big hair, big boobs, big attitude, big heels. I strutted out, like i had eaten all the pies in Yorkshire, half of

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