Thought I had time…

Morning all! It’s your little lovely ‘bit’ from the orient! Your little bumpity of Burmese bundle. Your kitty cat of…you get the picture. Anyway, i’m only writing this delicious bit of blog simply because I managed to get my arse up early enough to do so. I usually have great intentions, however find myself rolling around in my Dolly sheets, all hazy and hungover. Then i’ll reach for my Blackberry.. realize I now only have 10 minutes to get ready, changed and off to work. THEN I realize that i actually have a baby…and well really it’s all a bit of a panic. It’s like a ferocious tap dance. There’s tripping over Chanel bags and kittens and everything. Oh fuck it…lets do a *Confetti shower* here.

Okay, so yesterday before rush hour. Loverboy and I get given a new car. It’s our new/old car really because it’s the car that my Daddy previously owned. Luckily…he’s committed to the ‘pass down’ and luckily…it’s a beamer. (According to Pete it’s like a luxury Old school, James Bond BMW. To Me…the Dolly of all Dollies…it’s just blue.) But whatever i’m sooooo grateful and soooo happy. I mean, we simply are the luckiest of couples. Therefore I couldn’t really thank my parents anymore. Loverboy’s all into cars and whatnot…therefore a small portion of my day was snipped away and plonked into our new little beamer. I hate driving therefore this is not that much of a *shimmie* for a kitty cat like moi. I prefer to get driven and because i have an awkward relationship with roads. (For some reason i’m currently finding it funny to tell my adopted, mixed raced boyfriend that he was probably found in a box of bananas?)

GOD!! Now i don’t have time to write this, due ot having a baby on my lap, a kitten to feed, a job to get to and the fact that my hair needs spritzing. This will be continued. Let me just get my 8hr day over with first…. #notfeelingittoday

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