‘This Morning,’Local Press & golf bags better than ME


Great morning! I sort of abandoned ship last night because juggling Baby Ruby, with Baby Junior and Husband, with all the little wiggly bits of prep in between, alongside work, promo, housework, dieting…all got the better of me. Not in a major stressy way. But in a way that ‘red flagged’ a warning that I just needed to put myself in the ‘naughty corner’ and give myself a break. I’ve been through a merry ordeal and every now and again the memory of it *pops* up out of nowhere with a *wink-wink-gotcha.* It’s not a bad memory, it’s an overwhelming memory of merriment, that feeling you get as a woman, when you’ve just given birth to this beautiful little life that you adore more than anything, as he takes his step as the new addition to your already delicious family. It takes a while to sink in as i’ve been floating on Cloud 9 for the last week. Now, it’s absorbing and well i feel like the luckiest girl alive.

I did the nursery run this morning. First time back to driving after the whole ‘ouchy’ labour. I did actually drive to the grocery store twice before, making it not the first time at all. ๐Ÿ™‚ However, the first time I did my vagina and bottom tummy muscles hurt SO much that lifting my foot off the accelerator and placing it upon the brake was hard enough as it was! Who knew you needed your groin to be able to drive. The second time was yesterday and well i handled it with a kitty smile. I’m almost fully recovered and back to normal. I’m currently like some kind of town hero. At Co-Op the ladies all gathered around for a ‘Congratulations’ and a ‘OMG YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY LOST ALL YOUR BABY WEIGHT.’ The same at the petrol station too. Talking about that…I’m actually weirdly impressed. I don’t know how i’ve managed it, but I have actually noticeable LOST a GIANT BUNDLE of baby weight, to the point where after one week, even i’m like ‘WHOA.’

Now, i’m never one to say it if I hadn’t…but i’m almost back to where I was before, and well in a couple weeks maybe be even smaller. How? SALAD and PROTEIN. I AM on a diet and I hate it when girls or women sort of say, I’ve done nothing but eat pies all day and never worked out and i’ve just magically lost all this weight, via tiny little weight loss fairies who have tinkered about my being when i’m asleep and zapped the fat away from my soul.

I’ve been on a low carb, high protein, with only a wee bit of wholewheat carbs diet. Lots of fibre, lots of salad..lots of fruit…and well ‘DA DAAAAA,’ it’s worked. I’d take a picture and show you, but i’m can’t be bothered. If you see me around, you’ll see! ๐Ÿ™‚ But i’ve done well and because I was so fed up of being a chunka-wunka this time around that i couldn’t WAIT to get my Summer time body back on! *Wiggle-Wink-Pout.* I’ve also had no booze…which helps.

Keiran’s currently moping around the house with absolute exhaustion. He’s had a couple nights off the newborn baby ‘night shift,’ yet last night had to tend to it once again. He’s moaning with tiredness, but all I can say is ‘yeah’ it IS hard, but it has to be done and by both of us. It’s knackering, but it’s going to be and it’s especially going to be if you’re working out everyday, changing your diet and burning every inch of your energy every moment you can. It’s going to knock you for six. I feel like i’ve just had an entire human squeeze out of my ‘lady part’ so he doesn’t know tired or pain as bad as that. But i’m covering it up nicely with a smile and a ‘strong kitten’ tickle strut. We’re madly in love and cheerily quite happy. Yet there is a distinct mist of grumbliness clouding over Wunna Land this morning. I only like happy, loving Keiran. Grumbly, tired Keiran is rubbish. Lol. But I can’t help but adore him. He’s cute. He’s like a big giant baby boy himself and i can’t fault him. He’s been amazing leading up to, during and after the birth of Baby Junior. I’m impressed and I think that’s why I fancy him. He always never fails to impress me. It’s important that a girl’s impressed by a man. When she is…(and i’m a tough crowd :)..it takes more than a dinner and a wine…) she will always rely on her love for him to adore the man forever. Like I said we have our foundation now and we’re gathering ourselves together for the nest step. Ruby’s happier and getting her much needed one on one time. She was lovely this morning. Plus, Baby Junior is so far the calmest baby in all the land. He’s wallowing in utter harmony, yet life isn’t that hard after a jolly few days is it? ๐Ÿ™‚ Your second baby is much easier because you’re so much calmer. The staff at nursery taught me that. The women that have been looking after and teaching Ruby at nursery are AMAZING. She honestly goes to the BEST NURSERY EVER. It’s not like a playgroup, where the staff are just what people refer to as ‘baby sitters.’ These women are tremendous! Ruby’s speech is so incredible right now that even Keiran and I just looked at each other last night in astonishment at her actual conversational skills. She can hold and lead an adult conversation. She’s a bit emotional right now because she’s dealing with a big change…but like I said, she goes to a brilliant nursery and they are working on it for me, when I can’t. Amazing job. Plus, they all think i’m skinny so they score points. ๐Ÿ™‚ They too can’t believe how i’ve managed to *ping* back into shape. I giggled, but then had to tell them that I hadn’t actually *pinged* it just looks like I have because i’m the Queen of making myself look ‘snatchy.’ I look much slimmer…yet i still have a jelly belly from it being stretched. It’s like a grannies belly cleverly hidden under a baby pink sweater. #score I need a couple more weeks to get it gone. AND my little wormy stretch marks. I have a couple that don’t quite look like the yellow brick road, but…well i know they’re there, so i want them to Bio Oil AWAY.

Lots going on as always…i’m in the local press today. Not the Pontefract press, because like I said, they didn’t want to write about me and instead wanted to write about stolen scarecrows, in pink wheeled cars. ๐Ÿ™‚

I was beginning to feel a bit ‘hang on…where’s my bit of *look at me?*’ However, now i’m happy because as @emilywoodcock said (who is on the show with me) I got a 3 for one…I’m in the Doncater Star, The Doncaster Free Press and The South Yorkshire Times.

Doncaster’s always good to me. Hence why I’M always good to the town that jolly well birthed me.

So, here are the links to all that jiggery pokery…enjoy. Same story…3 papers!






THEN, as I was trying to write my blog and chilling on Facebook reading up on the circus that surrounds the girls that i’m on the show with and all the promo for the show, I found out that we would ALSO be on ‘THIS MORNING’ as their Must See TV, at around noon.

So at 12.10 and after Keiran was moaning that he needed food in his system. (I was grilling steak for lunch at the time, boiling him pasta, feeding a baby and mixing up a salad, I switched to ITV and there I WAS! The clip was ace, because I was in it. ๐Ÿ™‚ But i’m excited now for the show tomorrow and i KNOW the rest of the girls are. Hopefully you’ll all watch it because you all have sex…and well…it’s a bundle of exxxcitement,lots of love, drama, business and good telly moments. Channel 4, Tomorrow night (Thursday June 13th,) 10pm. Sex Toy Stories! (I’ve had a MILLION messages come through from a whole loads of you…so yeaH please do watch…i haven’t seen any of it yet, but i know it should be GOOD!

I watched the clip and I watched Stepher Mulhern, Holly Willowboobie and Phllip Schofield tell everyone how great the show will be…and well although i was mighty alarmed by how giant my preggo face was in some parts of the clip…it was all very ACE!

Here are the piccies I took from home, whilst baby feeding…on my phone.


I rushed upstairs to show Keiran who was working in the office. He smiled and shrugged and took it all in his stride. THEN later…to my HORROR and whilst I was preparing his pasta…the postman comes to the door and delivers a giant parcel. Knowing what it is, my darling husband JUMPS UP WITH UTTER JOY, literally LEAPS OUT of his swizzle chair, rushes downstairs and with sheer love and excitement in his eyes, glows and gushed over two new sets of retro GOLF BAGS that have arrived. AS IF!

I told him off to loving the golf bags more than me. ๐Ÿ™‚ He claimed he didn’t through laughter ๐Ÿ˜ฎ (how dare he) and picked me up in a straddle position whilst making a sex joke. ‘Golf doesn’t give me babies.’ #hmm #romantic ‘You haven’t in this position in a while.’

I’m not just here for him to bone and then make true love with GOLF BAGS. I’m Kitty Wunna. The WIFE. I BIRTHED THE CHILDREN. I MAKE THE PASTA. I’M OF THE TELLY AND NOW BACK ON IT…for crying out loud. I used to be a MODEL! Surely, i’m a SCORE! Bright blue, retro striped golf bags…my arse. I’ve never seen him so excited!

He’s currently in the office pissing himself with laughter.

I’m blogging with Baby Junior in my arms. I enjoy how a woman can do that. Y’know multi-task. Keiran can’t schedule with a child in his arms. Golf bags…my arse!



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