This Is Why We Call Me GREATNESS!!!

This is Me doing my Striptease for Miss.Hilton on that little show i was on. It caused a bit of controversy all over this merry little land really. I’m a bit surprised?? I read an article about it in an American tabloid stating that ‘BBF Chrissie’ was (and once again) ‘Taking it too far!!’ Too far??? I’m not locking my family in cellars, and burying people under my Patio. All i did was celotape feathers to my nipples and wiggle around a little bit for a ‘Talent Show’ on the telly. It was fun, it was bold, i was happy and quite simply (even if i do say this myself) FUCKING BRILLIANT!!! It’s a great memory to add to the story of my life.

Oh and for those of you who may notice that my Facebook profile has once again pulled a ‘Houdini.’ It will be back up in it’s full glamourous glory, sometime next week. I just need a break from it all and from a select few awful little 15 year old girls, who are still stalking me because of the George Sampson thing and being (if i can put it politely) nasty little whorey swines. They’re sooooo ‘Be evil’ wannabes, it’s boring. I’d rather get poked by a horny band of midgets. How dare they try and out ‘evil’ me!! LOL. I could put them on ‘blast’ with my deliciously viscious tongue. Yet I am choosing to hold back because they’re only 15. It’s so annoying. Bottom line, if a boy doesn’t fancy you, it’s really NOT MY FAULT, no matter how much you want it to be. You will learn this later on in life…and probably the hard way. I sure as hell did. Pick flowers not fights….and do it away from me goddamit!! All smiles!

Anyway my Cheery Cherubs, I will be back on Facebook for a little tinker, later on next week. Yet, for now if you so wish to leave me a message you can leave one HERE (which is the superior option,) my other Facebook profile or my Fan page. Lots of plugging of pages! I love you. I’m tanning. Need wine please.

14 thoughts on “This Is Why We Call Me GREATNESS!!!”

  1. god sakes just attack the evil children!
    Send em to me! They’re near enough my age, I’ll sort ’em out!
    Keep your eyes out for an ‘ I want GeorgeSampson to love me’ impression 😉

  2. Someone needs to put them on the naughty step. They’re making me never want to have children! LOL. They keep multiplying so I’ve had to place them in ‘Time-out!’ They’re gonna make great naggy wives when they’re older. They’re like grumpy grannies, who can type a million words per second.

  3. I’m not worried. I just feel like i’m baby sitting EVERYONES 15 year old child. It’s not my thing. I’m a Glamour puss, not Old Mother Hubbard. Hahaha! Hit them with trouts!

  4. I love how it comes from Sampson obsessed teen fangirls though!
    They obviously are going mega far in life, Chrissie 😉

  5. Firstly I thought you showcased your talents very well on BBF. If they’re using terms like “ugly fucking slut” i’m sure they’re old enough to get abuse back. Good luck with that. Little teen fangirls…terrible

  6. These kids have gotten out of hand. I’ll sort them out for you darling 😉 Then we can elope off in our underwear to see Spring Awakening, mwahaha. They are such bitches. I can’t believe how this has spiralled out of control! xx

  7. It’s sooo funny and stupid how they can say anything they want to me because i’m an ‘adult’ Yet if i say anything to them it’s AWFUL because they’re minors.
    Like if i turned around and said to an evil 15yr old stalker GS fan, ‘Oh by the way ur a fucking ugly slut, would you like some tea with that??’ I’d get in all sorts of trouble.
    Lets take all our clothes off and throw caution to the wind. Lets give them a middle finger deluxe and say in merriment, ‘HE PROBABLY DOESN’T FANCY YOU!!’ lol


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