This is Why They Call me Greatness

Many of you waste precious hours of your life thumbing through files of ‘wish i did this/ wish i did that.’ I’m the Queen of the art of the ‘Doing’ especially if i’m going to get into trouble afterward. Then there are those of you who have wasted your life on getting decent jobs, being charitable and being all round do gooders. It never worked for me. I’m was born to be bad, in a very good kinda way? Does that make sense? No? Okay…lol

I was at the White Rose shopping centre in Leeds on saturday. Wazza (who manages, runs, controls and created this site…just wanted to emphasize the kind of people i put my trust in,) sees a machine that i think is a photobooth. Then proceeds to drag me along to it. He tells me it’s a ‘make ur own music video’ machine and after a lot of ‘umming, arring and fuck off Wazza i’m not doing that,’ for £3, something came over me and i suddenly got extrememly excited and leaped into the machine of madness. I am actually quite embarassed by this, really I am( as i am a lot shyer than you think)  but the ‘Attention whore’ in me, is forcing me to show you the goods for a bit of ‘Look at me’…save me from myself…but fuck it you’ll al be doing it tomorrow. Lol

This is what we did…all calls to my Agent please…

24 thoughts on “This is Why They Call me Greatness”

  1. HAHAHA! Chrissie I love you, that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life! You actually are greatness!!!!!!

  2. oh i wish i had come to white rose now 🙁
    i love how you are pissing yourself and wazza is taking it deadly serious … he actually stole the moves and was busting them out on saturday night AFTER YOU LEFT US.
    you are dead to me wunna. haha.

  3. Haha…i’m such a disappointment. I should never have left. Your face (at me) was priceless. I will never do it again…i promise. I can’t take those eyes of hatred.
    Yeah u totally should’ve come…we can make 100 vids to all our favourite pop classics. Wazza took it far tooooooooo seriously. LOL

  4. no one has ever disappointed me more. it was like finding out the care bears weren’t real all over again. however it can be made up to me at diggerland.
    i like the constipated face you pull at one point wazza.
    when you were on the karaoke doing “mr boombastick” and putting your leg up on the wall and grinding … well it was like a whole new world.

  5. lol 🙂 the mic cord wasn’t long enough for me to do my usual pelvic thrusting dance! I’ve nearly been thrown out of VIP’s for doing it before!

    Chrissie I’m not as old as you! remember that 🙂

  6. screw you wazza screw youuuuuuuu
    if you need a licence for the diggers if i remember correctly you said
    “it’s ok we have my la one”
    at least we know we are sorted!
    i just remembered and can’t be bothered writing it on facebook when i’m talking to you on here … it’s my birthday soooooooon

  7. it’s my birthday on the 18th august (so nearly near)
    because of my shifts im off from 11th until the 23rd … so shall we go for my birthday at somepoint over that week?
    PLUS my birthday is on a tuesday … you know what this means don’t you. OH YEAHHHHHHHH.


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