This is how not to get a girl to shag you!!

A guy on facebook, by the name of Mohammed..hope your reading this (knobhead) has just sent me 2 personal messages!! I’ve never met this guy, yet most of my Facebook friends are my actual real life friends…i went to school with them etc….

Mohammed sends me a message saying he thinks i’m ‘very very very baaaaaad.’ Boys always try to talk dirty with me via the net, i usually ignore them..or expose them, or show my mum.)  He then sends a follow up message which reads, ‘ i want to see your hole. I bet it’s hot and black.’

Boys if you want to pull Chrissie Wunna, ( and its really not that hard of a pull if you have diamonds)… ‘Mohammed’ (my new term for this technique) is not the way to my sheets!! Note ‘Diamonds’ not talk of ‘hot black holes’  Jesus!! You really want to shag a sick girls ‘black hole??’ Pervert!!

5 thoughts on “This is how not to get a girl to shag you!!”

  1. heheheheh “hot black hole” hehehehe even I’m not that bad….

    …I think…

    …I hope your mum enjoyed my last message by the way 😉

    Salut! xxx

  2. “It’s really that hard of a pull,” or “It’s really NOT that hard of a pull”? And you’re not BAAAAAD. Naughty? Maybe. But not BAAAAD.


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