This Crazy Game of Lurrrvvve

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Feeling dandy, loving life and doing whatever it is i so wishy. Okay, so as you know, ‘Lashes’ has pulled a ‘Houdini’ on Me, after i was rather rude to him, and made him leave. I do regret that, but ah well…it happens. ‘Lashes’ is a lovely boy. Quite decent. Jonny i no longer talk to, simply because i he’s just a broken being, who lies about pretty much everything pathologically. (But understand why he has to.) Now i get why he didn’t want me to write his name on my blog. I mean he’s made up so many things and told everyone something different….why not just try ‘the truth.’ (Ooh scary!!) He made up some tragic bullshit about how his name on My blog, was affecting his non-existant career, when really (no-one knows who he is) and well he just didn’t want anyone to know what he was really doing, and that was going on dates with Me and taking money off Me. (Which is fair do’s, but he doesn’t have the nerve to admit it to others. Weird?)  But at least he got a Blackberry out of it, right? And that’s only the beginning. I’ll be outting a lot more about him, as this week progresses. He is a desperate user, who i used to think was just a bit ‘lost.’ When really he’s just a bad person. Karma’s a bitch. I hate being taken advantage of. It hurts. What happened to him?? Why is he so broken?

Anyway, ‘Love life’ other than coffee with the ‘Abercrombie’ model, (who is rather yummy) the 3 dates that i need to go out on, and a whole lot of bag stealing. (I still can’t get over the fact that A GAY stole my bag. Gay’s don’t steal!!! Take my fucking lipgloss, not my change!! ) I’ve been told, i should walk around with a ‘tool.’ I don’t know whether they mean, ‘hammer’ or ‘stupid being?’ However, both would probably not go with my outfit, right? Anyhow..I have a busy day today, and i need to get it in order. I have something like 2 and a half meetings, a book thing, and a baby shoot, but first of all i need coffee and to listen to boys sing at me for hours. UGH! No-more!!!

Last night, i get a random knock at my door…i’m all grumpy and nightified and well strutt over to see who was a calling. Infact, i was missing ‘Lashes’ therefore a little down for being a Wunna. I open the door…widely. I’m not one who peeks, around a jar, i think it’s silly. Don’t live your lives in fear!! Make them fear you because of your strength, and my eyes must have decieved me, but this drop dead goregeous ‘oooh’ of a boy, was standing infront of me…smiling and asking me questions (that i wasn’t listenning too, due to his dreaminess.) He was tall, blond, and happy looking, and well we talked for ages, we hung out, and well i totally found out that he lives in my building!!! We had the greatest time ever. What a score!! And under my own roof. I’m on a roll. But i usually do well with the boys anyhow. (lol…what? I do.) Okay you know i was telling you how CUPID is making me go through the British versions of allmy many EX American boyfriends and in ORDER…for no real reason but fuckery. Well OMG!!! I’ve done two, right…who exactly matched up look wise…etc…and personality, but this boy, who i’m going to name ‘BLONDY’ is part of Cupids sick game!! We watched ‘The Notebook’ last night. Aww…one of my favourite movies.

I used to live in an appartment building in LA, (everyone lived there…it was an amazing place for the young and social) and well there was this blond boy that i used to fancy, who kinda lived a few doors away from me, who promoted parties. I would always accidentally bump into him, and well he’d always be inviting me places. British  ‘BLONDY’ is the image of this boy (when he was young) AND lives i my fucking building!! What the dandy is a happenning??? I can’t believe this!! I’m doing my lovers..well not lovers, as there’s far too many, but ‘exes’ ALL over again. WHY??? And WHY the British versions of them…UGH! NO!

Anyway, i do have lots to report, but i can’t as i need to get going. ‘Latin Lover’ (I hear the cheering) has re-entered my life, with an ‘I love you’ and ‘miss you’ line. I do love ‘Latin Lover’ a great deal…but the timing is just not quite right…..Talked to him last night. GREAT man!! I can make it work…

I will leave you with this to help you think about your day: ‘You don’t have to be a product of your environment. You can be a product of your imagination.’

(Now go make those dreams come true. I do EVERYDAY!. I love being ME!!! You should LOVE being you too!!! )

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  1. thanks so much for the pic u have made my day miss wunna all i need is to see your thrupneys then i am happy scratch again not moddey and calling everyone at work pricks and mugs


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