This blogs a bit up there with the fairies

…And the good stuff just keeps on coming!! I’ve just risen from my chambers, to a pink blackberry and it’s magical classical ringtone. It delivered WONDERFUL news, that made me do a ‘happy dance McBoogie shake, shake.’ You do always get what you wish for, so keep wishing. (I’ve just sipped my tastes like Fairy Liquid and spiders.) Dreams come true. I’m filled to the brim with excitement!! Happiness is a drug!! Love it!

My life is on the up, my career is on it’s way to the loftiest of heights, and finally i can breathe, dance to Britney Spears,  smile and say …’if i didn’t have writers block, this blog would be better!!’

Anyhow….my favourite song of all time has always been ‘When you wish upon a Star,’ (the Disney version.) I have the word, ‘Star’ tatooed on me, to remind me of it. I intended to get the ‘When you wish upon a…’ part too, yet when i considered the level of pain i would have to go through, my ‘brave’ legs decided to be ‘pussies.’ Now my word looks less ‘fairytale magic’ and more ‘egotistical statement’…hahaha….so it’s still quite fitting. I’m pleased!!

Anyway, hopefully my good luck will rub off on all of you today. I love you all (but kind of not really)!!

Lil’ Miss.Wunna x

1 thought on “This blogs a bit up there with the fairies”

  1. im pleased u are happy u deserve to be chrissie as uare a special young lady who is destined for grerat things as u are unique. i aint in a good mood james milner has just asked for a transfer to leave the toon im wounded if he walked in here know i would cut him badly. but i aint gonna bring u down what tune have u got as your ring tone chrissie? i got winton churchill saying i will fight em on the beeches speach hahaha


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