Things Are About To Change…

Okay, so i’m back home after a rather awfully emotional weekend. I need to stop drinking, as i feel like i’m pretty much doing really well at ruining everything and in true Chrissie Wunna styly. I’m being quite destructive and i don’t know why? Yeah i’m mentally ill. Yeah i’m the Queen of Funning too far. But something is really wrong with me. I just need to figure out what? Usually during a time like this, i commit to doing a runner and flying off to my other country of residence in denial to hide and start a whole new fresh load of trouble. However, this time i’m sticking it out because i’m having to. Therefore hopefully what hurts you makes you stronger, otherwise i am seriously FUCKED!! I’m a mistake maker and i need to stop. I need a permanant ‘naughty step’ duct taped to my arse…and a quick dose of ‘grow up.’

6 thoughts on “Things Are About To Change…”

  1. u are a diamond chrissie i love booze but it does fuck u up it makes u emotianla and say stupid stuff but the people who love u will know u are on the leve l chrissie i hope u had fun on the mannor chrissie

  2. Awww Chrissie feel better lovely. You’ll be okay! Try to keep positive and do things that make you smile sweetie. I hope talking to the people closest to you helps! Keep us updated, we love you always!


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