They’re Gonna Put Me in the Movies.

Feeling a bit groggy this morning. Yet I think it’s because I haven’t quite woken up as properly as I would want, and i did wake up with kittens arses on my FACE. ‘Bruce-lee’ actually gets a boner now, when i stroke him.  Not that i should be boasting, because he’ll start McSwizzling his sisters soon. (Tragic!) Anyhow, i’m positive that after a couple espresso shots (i never drink them, it’s all lies) and a few boots in the arse (that happens all the time, it’s highly unfortunate and well….messy) I will be in tip top ‘perfoming monkey’ condition. Which is deliciously dandy, as i have a vocal coaching (and boy do i need it) lesson, in about 2 hours, and a somewhat sexy dance class (oooh baby) and all due to the merry fact that i’m auditioning for a movie in about a week and a half. Where in which i will be told to try and be as brilliant as possible. Which i’m hoping won’t be too difficult. (lol..) Isn’t ‘brilliant’ my art?? No? Didn’t think so.  God i’m knackered! And NO the movie isn’t porn…you bastards! I’ll check in later, when i’m slightly more awake! Oh my god! I just realized it actually snowed last night!!! I can’t seem to open my eyes! They feel sore from exhaustion. I’m actually reading an email from a friend in LA stating, he accidentally looked at a rather chubby girl near a coffee shop and ‘she mistook his glance for interest.’ Am I disgusting for finding that amusing??

Love you, My Cheeky Cheddars

Chrissie Wunna x

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