The Wunna Magic

I know I keep posting the nudie ‘Wunna’ favourites. Yet i’m bored and well whatelse is their to tinker with when one is quite utterly bored, other than ‘handsomes,’ booze, girlie delights or pointless bits of nudity. I’m Chrissie Wunna and hardly able to be sensible even during the best of times. If i’m bored and only posting half nudie pics of myself, then you’re fricking lucky. *Throws glitter bomb at you.* Plus, i actually adore the above picture of Me. 🙂 If you’ve got it flaunt it. *Wink-Wiggle*

Anyway, Pete still hasn’t paid his internet bill and i’m no longer going ‘ape’ at him and simply because I can’t be arsed to. I think he enjoys having me home and Me not dilly-dallying in Cyberland, meaning all the attention is on him. Hmm..? But fuck it. What i’m learning is to always find a solution, instead of commiting to a *tantrum.* If i don’t get the internet soon, he’s doomed and he knows he is. I no longer have to commit to repeated ‘Dolly’ threats of abuse and simply because i’ve come so deliciously far with him, that I can now do all that with a simply *look.*

On a good note, the love life section of Wunna Land is lovely. We’ve now properly made up and he’s doing the romantic, sweet thing, where he performs comedic acts of hilarious silliness in order to make me smile. I love that! It always means he cares. We’re sharing love, happiness, dreams and life. And well even though he may not be perfect at times, he’s about as perfect as can be. Meaning he is back to being my Knight in shining armour and not just some twat in tinfoil. What i’m learning about Men is that when they’re broke, they feel worthless. When Pete’s rolling in the moola, he hails from a lofty height of ‘Perfect Boyfriend.’ Yet when the hunt for pennies between sofa crack time comes, he’s quite a nuisance. Men Innit! He wants me to be his wife. yet only when he can afford a ‘rock.’ I fully agree….and I do mean to the ‘rock.’ Weddings are ace. Marriages always tend to go wrong for Me. (Having a giggle with Kelly about how we’re always the Bride, yet never the Bridesmaid. Yet she’s actually getting to be a bridesmaid! I’m convincing her to attend the Wedding IN a Wedding dress, or just go really slaggy. Yep…Kelly went with slaggy. Top choice. Wearing a Wedding dress for us, only really does mean a messy divorce a year later. )

I’ve been watching paint dry pretty much today, to the point where I peeked over at Kels, who was also watching paint dry and after a moment of *pause* pissed myself laughing. I’m not one for an office, yet i’m coping pretty well with such a change. It does suck the life out of you. Yet it’s a path i’ve never danced upon before, therefore i’m sure i’m here to learn something, other than how to wear my ‘Office Barbie’ outfits and look busy? Thank God Kelly is a Glamour Puss toooo! I mean it makes the lip-glossing, spritzing and pouting at mirror images an utter joy.

I really do need to get my book done now, yet i’m finding it hard to discover free time in my life. I mean, the book is meant ot be the thing that ‘makes me. Therefore since there’s been all this drama and headache around it all. I’ve decided to do what I do best and that is plant the IMAGE! When in doubt, pose it OUT!

Okay, my main job in life has always been model. Yeah i’m a blogger, but i’m finding the formatting of the whole book a heavy load of difficulty. I never seen to get it right and the publisher is always doing a disappointed *head-shake,*  of it’s too long. The formatting of it sucks. Therefore the only way to make it work, is to make them remember the ‘Wunna Magic.’ Why we’re doing this! What I represent! The way i’m gonna mosey forward is by doing a giant shoot, a totally ‘ooh laa’-Glamour Pussy one. (Which will also be used for the book.) I’m a visual kind of girl and when people get to see what they’re getting, via glossy Wunna posing, be it a TV deal, a book deal, or any kind of dealio…it always never fails and creates a magic that is simply too delicious to shake off.

UGH! I’ve just broke a nail. Anyway, i’ve godda go. I’m kinda still at work and i need wine.

I never know what will happen to me, yet i’ve always known that it will be magical!


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  1. Oooo I like the new tool bar down at the bottom of your blog that is wild!!! glad things are sorta good. Sorry to hear you are bored. Sorry to hear the book is still coming along slowly but still wanna be the first in line to get it here in the states. So yeah just have a good day and keep on keeping on.


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