The Wunna Date Charm…

When on you’re first date with a boy, you find yourself¬† outside a big, dark grey house on a village dirt track, by a mucky skip full of yesteryears clutter, at around midnight o clock, bent over PUKING, with the ‘handsome’ in question, holding you hair back and laughing at your tragicness and the fact that you can’t drink that much wine without eating…you know you’ve probably found love. ūüôā

OMG!! I should’ve listened to you all and NOT GOT drunky. I’m an glamour pussing IDIOT! I was AGAIN falling about, out of a boys blue a baby pink dress, with my boobs all running away from me and in high heeled stillettos and the weird thing about it is, he actually adored me for it. (Well he said he did…and i thought he was lying, to comfort me,¬†but he text me at 1.57am, when he got home with an ‘I love you so much. x’)

He picked me up at 9pm. I wasn’t as nervous as i thought i would be. For some reason moments before something scary, i get ridiculously confident. I’m like that at auditions. I’ll shit my pants, then in a moment of ‘ooh laa’ think i’m ten feet tall and *strut* in like a champion of tragedy. I sauntered out. He was bang on time. I wave. He waved. I got into the car, after a panic spritz because i was paranoid that i smelt like Yorkshire puddings…infact that was the first thing i asked him. Lol (‘Do i smell like Yorkshire puddings?’) He was hot, a bit nervous, but styled it out really well. I felt comfortable right away…like i had known him for years. He straight away told me about his day…and quickly &¬†easily. He’s like a hot, sexy, silent type, who’s broken up with his girlfriend and accidentally bumped into his high school crush. (But now he’s not 11 and now i’m off the telly. ūüôā )

We drove to Rogerthorpe Manor for a quick wine and a talk. It was cute, because he was so polite and lovely, and told me i looked ‘beautiful.‘ (Flattery gets you everywhere.) And i liked that he was honest. There’s no sort of macho ‘lets be all closed up and weird’ with him. He’s very expressive, very open and will tell me he’s nervous, when he’s nervous and tell me he adores me, when he adores me. I’m like that…so major points were scored. Plus when we were walking up to the place…he did that shy/cute thing were he didn’t know whether to hold my hand or not. (Aww..)

We get in…it’s packed and not as quiet as we hoped. There were no seats at all,¬†so we perched¬†at the bar, had wine, and had to listen to a very loud, middle aged peoples QUIZ NIGHT. lol. I found out a lot about him, and he asked me a lot about me…but i couldn’t hear too great, due to all the ‘What’s the capital of…’ It was sweet, flirty and ‘not drunk’ yet at this point. I thought he was gorgeous and he quietly looked at me and said softly…‘You’re always smiling and so happy.’ I like that he treated me like a person and noticed the right things, at the same time as being very aware of my life and what i’ve done, where i’m from. But he’s at an advantage…we went to the same school. I’m the girl in the 6th form red jumper to him.

He makes the decision to go to a different pub, due to the noise, and we find one,¬† a nice quiet one…where we snuggled in hidden corner and talked…with a bottle of wine. I GOT DRUNK. We were a great deal more chatty now and a great deal more open. We talked about forbidden things like exes. But he was very good at the old compliments. A charmer. Really sweet, really sensitive boy. I get the impression he wants to be loved. Which i like. I remember parts of this…not all of it, and i remember us needing wees, buying ¬£7 cigarettes, and the owners having to keep it open later for us to finish our date. I didn’t even know it was closed? But they were lovely!! I was having the most wonderful time! I like this boy a lot, right now. ( I don’t want him to read this.)

Anyway, we walk outside all merry and happy, and by this point¬†i think all tactile and lovely. I’m a tactile girl. On wine, you’re getting touched, even if it’s against your will.¬†By this point i remember feeling so drunk, after hardly any booze and waiting to PUKE. We got into the car…he drove…i felt queezy…hahah…and during the journey, i don’t know what happened…but we ended up parked outside my place, with me flinging open the blue car door, and¬†vomitting out of it. (First puke.) Woohoo! Go Glamour Puss!!

He oddly just took it in his he doesn’t judge me at all. Hahah. I felt embarrassed!! I mean he’s a nice nice guy and i’m looking like a floozey and vomitting out of his car. KILL ME much!!! Anyway, like i said, he didn’t mind and we kissed…talked about ‘us’ and the idea of it…then whilst we were parked up…and it was all dark… RAUNCHY things happened. (Whoopeee!) ¬†Like i¬†had my legs bent around his car.¬†(Thank God, i wore good knickers.) But¬†No sex…because he point blank refused to have sex with me in the back of a car (which i like) because he wanted it to be ‘special.’ (Aww…) I was tragic and like ‘we’re waiting?? I’m so confused!!‘¬† More and more quite dirty things happened at this point and for ages. I LOVED IT. But he was very about pleasing me, and making me happy. Yet, I very much wanted to please him, so it was odd that he was so loving. I do like it though. I’m not complaining. I’m just not used to it. He likes to watch me be pleasured and not just sexually. (I apologise if this is a bit too much for you all.)

Long story short, the body was half out…dirty talk, more raunch. He loves my body, especially¬†my boobs. *Wink pout* (If in doubt, get them out!!) Then i had to get out of the car to run toward the skip and PUKE again. He ran out the car…i was bent over, (it’s more and more sounding like a bad porn) and there i¬† commited to properly puking, as he held my hair and laughed. I just looked up at him, all ‘bimbo dolly ‘pathetically and he cracked up. I AM HORRIFIC!! I do myself no favours!! Fucking hell Chrissie! Nice guy and i’m PUKING on him. Date ONE!!

Then to make it evern more crazy. We both get back into the car…have a mint and being passionately making out. Like crazy making out. I was so drunk, i didn’t really want to move too quickly..coz i wanted to never puke again. And after he kissed me, he whispered¬† ‘I love you,’ and i whispered one back. [More kissing occured.] Then we started having like a really serious talk, about love, being together forever, babies, how he loved me from the moment he saw me at 11, and how i wanted to be with him everyday of my life. (Yay to wine!!) ¬†Yet then he kept telling me he wasn’t good enough to be with me. Which bizarrely i find funny, because he’s the decent being…and i’m the tragic one puking out of the car. I also remember him looking at me, holding me and telling me¬† he ‘would always be there for me and wants to take care of me.’

Anyway, i had to leave because i felt so embarrased and needed to pass-out literally and i didn’t want to do that to him. Bless! Therefore we left it on a high. We never want to leave each other when it’s time too and we wanted to make sure that we re-had the conversation when i was not completely trashed. He’s like this amazing kisser…and my drunkness wouldn’t let my ‘pouty’ reach his for very long. UGH!

He text me when he got home, with an ‘i love you so much’ (but he might have been drunk too. My drunkness made him look sober!) I fell into my house, tripped over everything, hit things and passed out cold…still in my dress and face. TRAGIC!!!

We’ve been texting today and i told him i wanted to meet him face to face to re-do last nights conversation, but this time completely sober. He luckily agreed. I mean, if he can handle me at my worst and still think i’m adorable, then i don’t care what anyone says, he’s a ¬†keeper!!!! I’ll marry him! But first i need to talk to him…without booze. Hopefully, i’ll get to see him soon.

Great date on the whole. Well done me. God knows how i’ve managed this! I am the Queen of Greatness!

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